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Brandon Maestro Cox
...ained a bad rap throughout the years. Through the 80s his "hero" status was without a doubt diminished and downplayed. People tend to forget that he is an Atlantean king because his kingdom is under water. He can bend the ocean's life to his will. However he has always fought for both land walkers and sea dwellers. Even though his origin has been changed frequently in the past, he still remains part of the Justice League. He has a combination of abilities that are found in very very few other superheroes, superior hearing, smell and vision, amphibious breathing, not to mention his super strength. He also has advanced stamina and physiology. He has telepathic communication abilities with all sea life. His Atlantean genetics give him enhanced reflexes and speed. Also, I really hope they don't give him that damaged harpoon hand. If they do insist on that storyline, I hope that go with the hand he can manipulate. Lastly, I am extremely happy that he is getting a piece of the proverbial "cinematic pie" and I look forward to seeing the level of creative expression the writers are given in my favorite superhero of all times.

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