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Disney villains are some of the most iconic characters in movies. They teach children moral lessons about the effects of their actions on others. All of the villains are different and interesting in their own way and they do not get the recognization that they deserve.

Here are 7 Disney villains who need their own movie ASAP.

Gaston: "Beauty and the Beast"

A film about Gaston could dig deeper in to the reason why he is obsessed with being the best at everything (maybe daddy issues?), and why Belle's rejection made him inspire an entire town to turn into a raging mob. And more importantly, how is he sill healthy after eating five dozen eggs a day?

Who could play him: No other than Joe Manganiello... just look at his boulder-sized biceps...

Ursula from: “The Little Mermaid”

A film about Ursula could explore more about her life before becoming a sea witch and her role as a senior member of King Triton's court. Also what brought about her obsession with Dark Magic and treachery that got her banished from the kingdom.

Who could play her: Of course the one and only Queen Latifiah. She has the perfect sassy attitude that is key to Ursula.

Yzma from: “Emperor’s New Groove”

Yzma is one of the more underrated villains of the cinematic world when if reality, she is actually one of the most powerful and interesting characters. Her film would explore her life before she became the Emperor's adviser and the development of her relationship with Kronk.

Who could play her: Angelina Jolie has the body shape that is key to playing Yzma (seriously, I mean... Look at her).

Cruella De Vil from: “101 Dalmations”

Cruella is one of the most critically-acclaimed and popular Disney villains of all time so it is pretty obvious that she needs a movie. The film could look deeper into her obsession with fur that eventually drove her insane.

Who could play her: Lady GaGa would play the perfect Cruella. Her flamboyant dress and snarky attitude is perfect for the part.

Evil Queen: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves"

The Evil Queen from snow white is not only the first Disney villain, but she is also one of the best. A movie about her would be more of a biography showing her life progression as she marries into Snow White's family and obsesses over being "the fairest of them all.

Who could play her: Megan Fox would make the perfect Evil Queen, their facial features are very alike and she has the perfect voice and attitude that is needed to play the part.

Doctor Facilier: "The Princess And The Frog"

Doctor Facilier is one of the newest and most interesting villains of all time. His background is perfect for a movie that is made as more of a biography that shows his development from a seemingly normal kid to the bokor that he is now.

Who could play him: Prince would play the part beautifully. He is tall, thin and just has all of the right attributes that are needed.

Governor John Ratcliffe: "Pocahontas"

Governor John is a very greedy and power hungry man which makes his childhood the perfect plot of his movie. The movie would explore more into the early years of John and how he became to have the attitude that he has today. How he was treated by his parents, his friends, and his wealth would play a major part in this film.

Who could play him: Chris Christie... enough said

Well, there are 7 Disney villains who need their own movie. All of them play a major part in the cinema world would all make amazing movies. Which villians do you think deserve their own movie? Let me know in the comments!


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