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Matthew Clancy

Yes, the monsters are usually scary, the stalker is usually creepy and the witch gives us shivers...but what inanimate object from horror movies haunts you?

Unlike any other type of movies, the inanimate objects of Horror movies can have so much personality and contribute so much to the experience. The inanimate object that ALWAYS can creep me out during a movie is the closet door.

Opened, closed, dark, lit, painted, natural, it doesn't matter. The closet is always scary. I think I blame this fear on the beginning of the book Cujo. The shadowy monster that watches the little boy from the closet always scared the crap out of me. I mean honestly, look at that innocent closet door in the photo above. There could be anything lurking in that little dark space! Know what I mean?

What do you think is the creepiest inanimate object in Horror movies?


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