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First airing at Comic-Con, the details of the teaser trailer for Gotham Season 2 were hardly anywhere online, but now the first teaser has come out in all its glory, so here it is:

and here's the second one:

So, what did you think of that? Obviously that last one was solely about Bruce and Alfred finding the Batcave, which should be awesome and will be a fun twist on the Batman mythos.

Anyway, here's my analysis of every scene in the first teaser:

Gordon assures Loeb that he will "break" him

Personally, I love the wording of this line: "I will break you" because it's reminiscent of one of Batman's major rogues, Bane. Obviously, this scene is a follow up on an idea seeded in Season 1 that Gordon would eliminate the corruptness in the Gotham Police Force, also dealing with his personal vendetta with Loeb at the same time. Loeb is a great villain and I'm glad that it looks like he'll be taking centre stage this season.

Gordon prepares for what he has to do

Gordon knows that he's going have to take action, but he's considering whether he should.

"You gonna help me or not?"

Here we see another interaction with Oswald and Gordon. I'm assuming Oswald's laughing at the pure madness of Gordon's request, especially considering the fact that Gordon owes him a favour (or was it two?) It could also possibly be that Gordon is asking Oswald to do something unprecedented, like take down the police force.

Gordon challenges Gotham society

We saw hints of this last year with the story surrounding the original Black Mask as Gordon challenged Gotham society, but this time it looks as if doesn't have to dig deep to find the corruptness. It looks like it's just on the surface.

A New Era has begun

A "new era" referring to the subtitle of this season: Rise of the Villains. We'll see the beginnings of a Gotham that needs a Batman to protect it. This could also be a reference to Oswald's new status as "king of Gotham". Although, these two things could be one and the same. As in, Oswald's rise to power also signals the rise of villains.

Monsters are coming

This is James Frain, playing Theo Galivan. He's a wealthy man who has been promised to make new villains rise up, but given the room he's in, I'm assuming he's part of Penguin's crew from the scene before (maybe he's there to take down from his status as "king"), so he might actually be warning Penguin. But who can challenge Penguin in terms of monster status? Well the next scene might be out clue as to who it is...

The Riddler Rising

Edward is slowly breaking down, becoming a monster like the Riddler. Of course, that encounter with Oswald last season was a reference to their future equal standing as Batman Rogues, but maybe we could get another confrontation as early as this season.


I do believe this is our first look at the villain Tigress, played by Jessica Lucas. Her character is the sister of Theo Gallivan, mentioned before. While she's going to be a great villain, I do believe her whip is a sign that she will act as Gotham's proto-Catwoman and maybe even train Selina.

Zsasz is back

Probably part of Penguin's crew, or maybe finally breaking free as an assassin/hired killer and becoming the self-made self-harming psychopath we all know and love. Personally, this direction would be perfect, as his status as a henchman somewhat detracted from the character in Season 1. His anger over Falcone retiring might be what makes him want to go his own way, although he has been seen to be on good terms with Oswald.

An Assault on Arkham

This appears to be Tigress again, but this time in what appears to be Arkham Asylum, maybe instigating a break-out?

A break-out it is

Given this scene which is definitely set in Arkham, Tigress is definitely in Arkham at this point. In this scene, we see Jerome (from Season 1) and a new character played by Dustin Ybarra. His character is a cannibal who has been locked up in Arkham for his crimes. Apparently, they share the same wing as the craziest and most dangerous people in Arkham, including Barbara Kean (or Barbara Gordon).

A scene in a kitchen

There appears to be a scene in a kitchen. If this scene features Dustin Ybarra's character, I will be incredibly happy.

A mystery character

This could very well be the introduction of the Red Hood costume that Joker uses before he becomes Joker, but given the costume design and character that has been promised for the season, I do believe this is Azrael. Azrael will be an interesting character in the show, given his immense differences between the characters now featured. He might even be a proto-Batman of sorts, even though he does have a more brutal and somewhat villainous way of doing things.

Gordon doing his thing

Nothing much to say here. I just said that I'd include every scene, so I did that.

An explosion

Again, pretty vague. Although it does look like Arkham again, so we could be looking at the break-out scene.

Gordon gets ready for a "new day"

Gordon is aware of what's coming, so he's preparing himself. Not a very interesting scene, but the dialogue seems to suggest that Gordon is fully aware of the rise of villains that is happening in his city.

Rise of Villains

This was the big part for me. Gotham has a new subtitle that promises much more than what we already got in the teaser trailer. The trailer is very exciting. Also, sidenote about the music: Gotham trailers always have the best music. This one could be a slight reference to the new cannibal character, but it's probably more about how the villains are metaphorically eating up Gotham


So, what did you think? Are you excited for Gotham Season 2?


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