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This year alone, we have seen some amazing developments in the world of superheroes. Marvel has released two amazing films this year alone with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Each one has given us a glimpse into Marvels future with the upcoming great hero showdown Captain America Civil War. However this year we have also seen some new developments with DC as well. With the newest trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out and a first look at the new Suicide Squad, one may ask, DC sure is upping the game. But one question remains, can DC catch up to Marvel?

THE SHOWDOWN: Some may be wondering, what showdown. Well it's like this. Next year, Marvel is bringing several of its famous heroes back together for a very important installment in its universe with Captain America: Civil War. In which heroes will have to take sides between joining the government, or living free as the people they are. However, also next year, we also will see another hero showdown with Batman vs Superman. A story where two sides will have to make decisions on how to work together to defeat a greater evil. But by taking a closer look, one will notice that this isn't mere coincidence.

CIVIL WAR/DAWN OF JUSTICE: With all the clues and commercials about these movies, it is very clear that DC is trying to catch up with Marvel to bring its heroes together. The latest trailer gave us a look at the great battle that is meant to take place between two iconic heroes and possibly some extras, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and even a possible look at Aquaman as well. Although we haven't seen anything for Civil War, we have a list of heroes that will be fighting side by side in a dark time in hero history. Nearly 15 or more Marvel characters will be making an appearance in this upcoming action flick. But looking closer at these films, it almost seems like the two are strangely similar. Looking the stories, lets compare the two. 1). Heroes are being persecuted by the public. 2). Government wants heroes to be responsible for their actions. 3). The patriotic hero, Superman/Captain America, fights for whats right. 4). The billionare, Batman/Iron Man fights for the peace between both groups, no matter what the cost. 5). A hidden villain arises which will bring both sides together for the greater good. The way this writer sees it, DC is trying to win the game before its even close to done.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN 2016: Its as simple as this, DC is making a run at Marvel to get ahead, and Dawn of Justice is their only chance. But after what we have already seen in Marvel with Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, they know how to bring their heroes to life. DC is going to have some serious competition. If this doesn't work out, could we be seeing the fall of DC movies before it had a chance to begin, or will we finally see Marvel fighting for their own survival? Only 2016 can answer that question.


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