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Now, before I get started, I want to make perfectly clear that I'm not trying to copy anyone else's theory on this. Rather, I'm making this theory based on my own perspective of everything I've seen about DmC Devil May Cry. If someone has made a similar theory, I apologize.

Anyway, ONWARD!

From the title, you're probably one to just go straight to the comments section and call me out on my crap without actually taking a look at what I did to build this theory first. And to you I say this: Don't be childish. Keep an open mind and be mature about this. Don't call me out without evidence to back up your claim. If you got evidence that could potentially debunk this theory, I'll be glad to hear it and we can discuss everything from there.

Now...onto the actual theory.

As the title suggests, I am implying that the creators of DmC Devil May Cry have flat-out LIED to everyone, twice, the first time being when they said the game was a reboot, and the second time when they change their mind and call it an alternate universe. However, a lot of the things in-game could be used as evidence towards the contrary. Yeah, someone else took the mantle to make this game, but that doesn't mean anything. The amount of evidence towards having DmC be in the same universe, let alone the earliest in the timeline, is staggering.

Before I continue, there are major spoilers for the game and respective DLC ahead! If you don't want to be spoiled, then turn away, either get your hands on the Definitive Edition of the game (That has all the DLC implemented) and play it through, or watch walkthroughs on YouTube to familiarize yourself with the story. If you read beyond this point unaware of the story, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

To begin, let's start off with the most obvious piece of evidence:

1. Dante and Vergil

You should have known that I would bring up these two, but Vergil in particular is what's interesting. I'll save Vergil's Downfall as a separate thing for the time being and focus on the main game.

Let's think about the relationship between these two based on the original games. In Devil May Cry 3, it's made clear that Dante and Vergil, while brothers, were in fact hated enemies. However, in DmC, it's revealed that Dante hasn't seen his brother since the day their mother was murdered by Mundus. And the moment he does, the two become immediate allies to help take out Mundus, a polar opposite to their deadly rivalry in Devil May Cry 3 (And a little bit in Devil May Cry 1).

Now, why is this the case? Well, let's consider the fact that Dante is much younger in DmC than in Devil May Cry 3, same as Vergil. As such, it's very much possible that the two were allies at one point, and eventually turned on each other for one reason for another. And that reason comes in the final mission of the main game.

At this point in the story, you have "killed" Mundus (I'll explain why I'm air quoting the word killed later), and lines between Limbo and the Human World are now blurred. Up until this point, we never knew what Vergil's reasoning to "kill" Mundus was truly for, besides dealing with a powerful threat that wanted the Sons of Sparda dead.

It turned out that Vergil had this ideal that humanity needed to be ruled over, otherwise they'll end up killing themselves to extinction. Dante saw things the opposite way, believing Vergil will just end up becoming like Mundus, as he knows that power can corrupt anyone if given enough of it to one person.

Dante's ideals are opposite of Vergil's: humanity needs to be protected, not ruled over. As such, their ideals clash, as do their swords. And since Limbo and the Human World are merged, they can go all-out on each other. Eventually, Dante defeats Vergil using his "Devil Trigger" (I'll explain this as well in a little bit), on the verge of killing him to prevent humanity from being ruled over by him in the future.

With so much effort put into his "Devil Trigger" to kill Vergil, when he finally lets go, something...special happens. See, in DmC, the game's form of Devil Trigger is the equivalent of turning everything black, white and red, including Dante. When Dante goes into this mode, his hair is white. Now, how can that be? It's been made clear that Dante would never have the traditional white hair from the original games "in a million years."

So...why is it that when Dante spares Vergil in their fight, his hair permanently becomes white all of a sudden? Well, maybe because it's not his true Devil Trigger. We've seen what his true Devil Trigger looks like in Devil May Cry 3, and the one in DmC isn't even close to that. So maybe, it's just an initial transformation, setting up the Dante we know and love from the original games, which would eventually lead to him unleashing his true Devil powers.

2. Vergil's Downfall

Now, we know that Vergil had this lust for power. But where did it come from? We never knew...until DmC's only story DLC was released: Vergil's Downfall. As you have probably guessed, it takes place directly after Vergil is defeated and almost killed by Dante, in which Vergil leaves his former allies, seemingly for good. Well, not exactly.

See, Vergil ended up in the Demon World somehow, putting him into a mental downward spiral. In his attempts to return to the Human World, his powers are drained to their absolute minimum, leaving Vergil to fight his way back to where he tried to escape previously. Now, you're probably thinking that the only thing Vergil had also cared about was killing Dante to accomplish the goals tied to his ideal. And you're right. That's what he originally cared about the most.

However, at one point, Vergil had to face a clone of himself that had been helping him along his journey, his lust for power now revealing itself prominently. After defeating his other self, he absorbed him into his body, regaining how most powerful ability, the Doppelganger, along with dawning a new appearance.

It was from here that his lust for more power had showed itself in the fullest, giving up his "humanity" to seek and accomplish his goals. He even killed a hallucination of his own mother to return to the Human World and keeping his new outlook on life in tact. From there, Vergil had eventually learned how to unleash his own true Devil Trigger, long before Dante would.

You can't NOT tell me this makes sense (Well, you can, but I'd prefer to backup your reason why).

3. Limbo

For those that need a refresher, Limbo was an alternate plane of existence of the Human World. And anything that happened in the Human World would effect Limbo in some way, and vice versa. A prime example is in the first mission of the game, when Dante is fighting the Hunter, in which the Ferris Wheel nearby gets broken off it stationary point, causing destruction in its wake in the Human World.

In the final mission of the game, we're given an explanation as to what happened in Mundus' Tower. The lines that separated the Human World and Limbo were now blurred, merging into one another. This could clearly justify why demons of all shapes and sizes were able to invade the Human World along with Dante and Vergil being fully capable of accessing all of their techniques and weapons.

You can argue that these demons in fact come from the Demon World, but then you would need to justify how the main baddies got them there to begin with. Because if you recall, the portal to the Demon World was only opened in Devil May Cry 3 via the Temen-ni-gru. It can also be argued that the Temen-ni-gru could only be raised to surface through Limbo. However, due to the Human World and Limbo merging, the tower raising wasn't a problem. But I'm not gonna try and prove this to be the case. Not enough evidence towards this.

4. The Evidence Against This Theory

You weren't expecting this were you?

A lot of you are probably reaching the point of making a comment in regards to DmC itself. "But what about all the inconsistencies in the story?" What inconsistencies? If this is the true prequel, then any concepts mentioned in this game that weren't mentioned in any other are completely justified as what they really are, and just seen otherwise to hide the truth in the other games.

Think about it. The logic of prequels is to reveal story elements and concepts that were never fully explained as what they are: the truth. The truth behind Dante and Vergil's rivalry, the truth about Mundus, the truth about not only the genome of the Sons of Sparda, but also that of what their mother is.

In Devil May Cry 3, the very first boss of the game, Cerberus, is astounded by Dante's skill. He then makes a very peculiar comment about Dante. "You're not human, are you?" This is implying that Cerberus believes Dante to not be human at all, which is in fact true in DmC.

And let's think about this a bit more in detail. In DmC, Dante and Vergil are called Nephilim, which is, to my surprise years ago, a hybrid of a demon and an angel. We know that the demon is Sparda, no doubt. But we never knew if the boys' mother was in fact human. And if we did, it was through legend, which is fully capable of being misinterpreted. Eve may have looked like a human, but she did that on purpose. Eve is an angel, literally. In DmC, this was not interpreted in legend. This is the truth spoken from Vergil himself.

"But wait! If that's the case, then where did his Angel and Demon weapons go?" Glad you asked. It's simple, really. Remember when I mentioned Dante and his "Devil Trigger" in DmC? Well, it could be argued one of two ways: the first possibility is that Dante just refuses to use those weapons anymore and just uses his Rebellion sword from then on until a certain point ala Devil May Cry 1. The second possibility has to do with the Devil Trigger itself. When Dante nearly killed Vergil in his Devil Trigger, and seemingly fusing with it, it's possible that upon doing so, he lost access to these weapons besides his own sword and would be forced to gain new weapons on his quest.

"But what about Mundus? How could he have survived being killed?" He wasn't killed at all. That's the thing. Vergil may have said that if they killed his core, they kill him. But that was mainly assumption on Vergil's part. How would he know? Besides, Mundus was different from other demons. Especially since we see him still alive in the Demon World after Vergil falls off the waterfall. He apparently survived by sending himself into the Demon World in a new, more survivable form, eventually leading to him being the main baddy in Devil May Cry 1, and turning Vergil into Nelo Angelo.

When you get right down to it, there's so much about DmC that could link it to the same universe of the original games. The amount of evidence in-game is just astonishing. Before I even made all of these connections, I was able to convince a friend of mine that this game being a prequel would make sense, based on Dante's appearance before the game's credits role. If that means anything, it shows that someone out there might agree with me on this, whether it be to an extent or completely. However, I will admit something.

If by some chance there comes an announcement for a DmC sequel, I can see it going one of two ways: Firstly, it would possibly make the connections I've made even more obvious, leading to more speculation on if DmC is in fact an alternate universe or not. Second, this could in fact create the kind of contradictions that would debunk this theory. And I'd be okay with that.

If by some chance there comes a DmC 2, and it debunks my theory, I'll gladly admit that this holds no water. But until then, I'm gonna stick to this no matter what. I know my theory isn't perfect. It probably has holes in it that I don't see. But to me, this makes the most sense compared to DmC just being an alternate universe, because I find that just flat-out stupid.

So...what did you guys think? Does all of this make sense to any of you? Did I open your eyes to something you never even considered before? Do you think I'm still full of trash and contradicting the game developers' reasoning (This IS a theory after all, so why would you accuse me of that)? Do you have any potential evidence that could make my theory unbalanced or debunk it? Let me know in the comments below, and let's keep this conversation going, as I'd love to see what ideas you guys can come up with, and also how you guys could possibly prove me wrong (Not that I'm saying I'm right, mind you).

But anyway, that's everything I wanted to talk about today. I'll see you all later. Peace. Out! ;)


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