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You know, I thought about sugar coating this for all the Marvel fans. But you know what, screw it. Marvel has problems that people never seem to acknowledge, and today we're not going to hold back talking about them. DC also has a lot of problems, but they do get much more right then Marvel in various ways. So lets get on with it. These problems are in no specific order.

1. Marvel Movies Don't Have Consequences

Remember the battle in New York City? Remember all the destruction? Yes, folks. There was a lot of it. When the Hulk is smashing through building after building, you cannot tell me nobody died. Or perhaps the battle in 'Age of Ultron', where the Avengers battle Ultron's army. In the process, destroying a lot of other peoples homes.

Or just maybe, when Iron-Man fought the Hulk, there might have been some casualties when say...The two punch creating a massive shock wave destroying structures and glass...

My point? Yes, Marvel does make their characters try to bring the fight elsewhere and protect bystanders. But I mean, really? They never have to answer for any of their actions?! In a universe made for families and more importantly KIDS to watch, Marvel sure doesn't make a great example for children. "Sure kids, make a mess and wreck the house and afterwards you will received a dish of ice cream." Marvel characters are never held responsible for their actions and there are never consequences. This makes the apparent "threats" null and void. We never see anyone die. So we never acknowledge that people are in danger, thus making the actions scenes, for myself at least, utterly pointless.

In 'Man Of Steel', we see people die. We see the consequences. We now have the next film 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' holding Superman responsible for his actions, whatever they may be. In the DC Cinematic Universe, not even Superman can go free and clear. Even Superman must be held accountable.

Plus now that DC has shown us what the results of a huge battle would be, we can actually have validity to worry for the characters.

2. Marvel Characters Never Die...Or Stay Dead

The list is too long to go through. Pepper Pots seemingly dies in 'IM3' and Bucky was thought to be dead after he "died" in 'The First Avengers'. Nick Fury was seen shot to death in 'The Winter Soldier.' The list goes on and on. But the truly ironic part is that the ONLY ACTUAL DEATH that Marvel gives us is that of Quick Silver. A much loved character who only appears in one film and then dies the most idiotic way you could have a character with the power of Super-Speed die. I won't spoil it, but ask anyone who knows and loves Quick Silver and they will tell you that he was simply wasted. In the DC universe we have situation where the very deaths of others made the Hero who he is today. Bruce Wayne's parents don't come back to life. Krypton is gone forever. Marvel does get this one right using Spider-Man story, though they still haven't put him into the MCU so it doesn't count.

3. The "Marvel Formula"

All solo Marvel movies are the same. Here's how they play out.

1. Male character is established.

2. Male character gets into an accident.

3. Accident gives him powers.

4. He meets a female character. she doesn't do much.

5. He makes a friend. His friend turns out the be his enemy.

6. They fight and of course the Hero must win, right?

THE END. This is the case with such stories as Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk...Etc. Marvel is overrated and repetitive. DC has proven to have fresh takes on story and character. So you shouldn't be able to read too far into the story and already know what's going to happen. I stand by my statement that...

"A Marvel movie is the kind of film where you can go use the bathroom or get more popcorn, come back to your seat 10 mins later and still know what's going on. A DC movie is the kind of film where you go to the bathroom long before you take your seat and you made sure to buy the extra large tub of popcorn so you wouldn't have to leave the theater because you might miss something."

Did I reach you on any level, or am I just a hater? Let me know in the comments with a logical response.


Is Marvel a bit overrated? Is DC receiving unjustified hate?


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