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Remember that time Tom Hiddleston unexpectedly turned up at the San Diego Comic-Con? Of course you do, you mewling quim! How does such a high profile celebrity even get to a huge event like the SDCC without being noticed? Well, turns out, it happens a lot more often than you may think! It's actually not that difficult a feat to accomplish, no matter how well known you may be.

Anyway, back to the point. How did [Thor](tag:2683703) star Tom Hiddleston get to the SDCC without being spotted by ANYONE? He went dressed up as Jango Fett from Star Wars, that's how.

Now as I said above, Tom Hiddleston isn't the only celeb to arrive at a Comic-Con incognito! Numerous Hollywood A-listers have also been spotted at the con (after removing their costumes) and no one was any the wiser that they had actually had their photo taken with one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Ryan Reynolds as Darth Vader. Well, kind of.

Daniel Radcliffe as Spider-Man

“I did an American accent for the whole time. I even took a rucksack, so I look like I’m just coming to Comic-Con. I had a whole look. But it was great. I took lots of pictures with people who did not know that it was me.”

Peter Jackson as an 'Evil Jester'

“I had a fun day at Comic Con walking among you all. Did anyone see the Evil Jester? Some of you did because you asked him to pose for pics! Cheers, Peter J.”

Jack Black as a Storm Trooper

Jack Black spent the day hiding behind a Stormtrooper helmet.

Bryan Cranston as.... himself?


And finally, the best celebrity cosplay EVER. Bryan Cranston goes as, well, himself. Donning a super realistic Heisenberg mask, and speaking in a higher voice than usual, Cranston was able to roam the floors incognito. How awesome is that?

Who's your favorite character to cosplay as?
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