ByDaniel Schell, writer at
Could have lost the face tats though. That way we would have never known from past renditions of the character if he had them the whole time. I have seen some other leaked footage of the Joker on set with Harley Quinn & that fly ass car where they had gotten in an argument & he had slapped her. In that footage he was wearing a silver suit with a purple shirt. I fully disagree with straying so far from the suit that makes the Joker who he is although I do agree with the fact that the level of creepy insanity used in his acting we have seen thus far adds a certain vibe that we may have not seen before & will be enjoyable to watch. One way or the other Jared should know & keep in mind that although Heath has passed away he did the most incredible performance as the Joker there ever has been following that with anything less than a new creepy perfection could cause a career downfall. None the less I am extremely (as an extream fan of the joker) excited to see how this performance plays out in comparison to past versions. I am crossing my fingers for the best!!

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