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James Franco has quickly become an iconic actor of our time.He has an extensive resume that includes good performances, bad performance, and everything in betweenLet's take a look at a few select films that represent all the facets of James Franco's career.

The Good: 127 Hours


Who would have thought that watching a guy stuck between a rock and a hard place for almost two hours could be so…riveting. James Franco manages to make it just that with a little help from his Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle. Boyle’s quick cut along with Franco’s savvy make for a film that is both a thrilling roller coaster, as well as an amazing tale of survival. Showing that the will of men makes humanity do what it must to survive, Franco shines here, and I’m sure you’ll agree this is as good as he gets!

The Bad: Your Highness

Your highness is a new low.
Your highness is a new low.

Your Highness had a simple premise: take the stoner-comedy vibe director David Gordon Green found success with in his last endeavor, Pineapple Express, and harness that mojo with a medieval spin. Sadly for Franco this was a case of lighting NOT striking twice with the same concept. While this film is bad it is not necessarily ugly because you can tell throughout that Franco is literally having a great time. With that said Oscar nom Natalie Portman, much like Franco followed up her win for Black Swan with this high budget, low brow stinker.

The Ugly: Annapolis

I could not pay aten hut
I could not pay aten hut

Annapolis was supposed to be a way for Franco to wash the taste of Tristan + Isolde and it’s awfulness out of his mouth. Instead, what we got was an hour and 43 minutes of undeveloped characters, undeveloped plot, and unsatisfactory acting. The only thing that works is the machismo, which radiates. With a script that seems like it was written on tiolet paper, even Donnie Wahlberg should’ve known this farce didn’t have the right stuff. What’s more perverse is this film is some hybrid between Never Back Down and The Guardian, and manages to be worse then both of those already atrocious movies. Sadly, unlike Your Highness, Franco doesn’t appear to be having fun and neither does anyone else, including the viewer at home.

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