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So when I was younger I thought if i grew up quick i would have a castle and a prince waiting for me, and I would have a handsome, caring, kind, prince waiting to love me and grow old with. And honestly i still hope that's so, I remember planning out everything like my wedding, my dress, and I still do for the reason being that I have hope. I see and hear of people forgetting about love and family and it upsets me because, Disney made me the person I am today, a person who believes in opposites do attract, and that loyalty and kindness can get you places you've never expected. Also that you cant choose who you love, love is something that just happens and you may think ya ya I know I've heard this once before. But what you don't know is you cant control everything like honestly lets be honest how many times have you tried to plan something out or control something and it comes out being either better than u expected or a total disaster, that's in example of things you cant control. Sometimes the best things in life are just things that happen unexpected, maybe someone you thought you liked or loved turned out to be someone you don't like or sadly even hate. I believe things happen for a reason, even if its something you don't want to happen. Actually right now Im dealing with something just like that, but that story is for another day. But you should remember that life has away of planning things out you may or may not believe in it but believe in this If you want something you need to give something and by that i mean if you want love and happiness you need to give love and happiness. so bye for now. - Peace


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