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In "Man of Steel", at the beginning we see Jor-El on Krypton steeling this weird magical skull called the codex. Just before Kal-El's (Superman's) space ship blasts off, Jor-El downloads the Codex into Kal-El, which begins the start of the movie.

We find out later that the Zod wants the Codex because he can re-create Kryptonian life on earth because the Codex holds the make-up of every Kryptonian that will ever be born.

I can see this working into a potential Man of Steel sequel; Brainiac comes, and informs the world (even Lex Luthor) that the Codex lives in Superman, and causes Lex to create a terrifying threat for Superman (Bizarro? Mongul? Doomsday?) .

I really don't think that Zack Snyder put this weird Codex in Man of Steel inside of Superman unless he planned a consequence in the future (like the destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel); and at the rate Snyder is going with this "Action and Result" formula, the man will eventually sweat Gold.

What do you think? will the Codex return?


Will the Codex return?


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