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I have been critiquing and revising this for a while now, trying to make Part 4 the best of the entire story. When you are finished reading, please comment and tell me what you thought. I will eventually write another story, but not for a while, due to the hard work involved when writing.

Anyways, have fun reading, and I hope you enjoy the story!

Recap of Parts 1-3:

In the beginning of Part 1, Thanos had come to earth in order to take the Soul Gem from Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. But instead, Doctor Strange called in Adam Warlock to wield the Soul Gem, so Thanos would not be able to use it. Phil Coulson had also come with the Agents of SHIELD and the Inhumans. With that, also, came Ghost Rider, who I hope will get a Netflix series in the near future. Cloak&Dagger were also included, from my hoping that they could get a television series on ABC; Moon Knight is another possibility to see appear. So, I added him in. At the end of Part 1, Thanos used the Reality Gem to bring an alternate reality in and collide the two earth together, destroying two worlds full of people at once. But Something happened that Thanos did not expect: out of the alternate reality came the DC heroes, including: the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Black Canary, Catwoman, and Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

Part 2 continued the battle, showing how strong Thanos is. And during Part 2, Black Bolt, a member of the Illuminati, and Thanos started battling each other on a deserted island. Superman, Iron Man in the Hulkbuster, Shazam, Red Hulk, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Ghost Rider, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cloak&Dagger, Doctor Strange, and Adam Warlock went to help Black Bolt contain Thanos, while the other, not as strong heroes went with Star-Lord and Captain America. Also, I believe that if the Illuminati were created in the MCU, it would consist of Black Bolt, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Star-Lord.

Part 3 continued where we left off with Captain America and Star-Lord, with anyone not currently battling Thanos piling into the Milano. Star-Lord had tried to make a prison around Thanos, but Thanos got out with little effort, using the Infinity Stones.

Who has died:

Many heroes have died defending Earth from Thanos. But to be more specific: Daredevil, Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Wong, Nightwing, Green Lantern, Nick Fury, War Machine, Vision, Crystal, Quake, Agent May, Agent Mac, Lincoln, Captain Mavel, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Red Hulk have been killed. Those left fighting Thanos include: Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Shazam, Aquaman, Thor, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Adam Warlock, the Flash, Cloak&Dagger, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Gamora, Lockjaw, Medusa, Triton, Black Bolt, the Punisher, Jessica Jones, Spider-Man, Falcon, The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Deathlok, Mockingbird, Gorgon, Karnak, Agent Hunter, and Phil Coulson.

Now, the story begins:

"Hahahaha!" Thanos laughed, as everyone watched Red Hulk quickly age and die. "If only you, Superman, had not inspired his weak attempt at stopping me, he would not be lying dead, looking like ash."

Thor - now upset and angry at Thanos for killing so many people - jumped far up into the air, his hammer Mjolinir started to crackle from the lightning and electricity flowing on it, and he landed so hard that there was a crater created. The lightning and electricity went in a way towards Thanos, but Thanos was far too powerful to be slowed down by only what he would call at this point "a lightbulb".

Aquaman then began raining lightning from the sky with his trident and commanded the waves of the sea to flood Thanos. Thanos practically ignored Aquaman's feeble attempt to stop him; he only continued to attack any heroes who dared to challenge him and merely deflected Aquaman's attempts at flooding him.

Shazam, at this point, is so angry that he could turn green. He flies straight at Thanos, hitting him so hard that he fell into the ocean. Aquaman, seeing his advantage, followed Thanos into the sea and attacked him. Aquaman told sharks and whales and other sea-life to attack Thanos, but Thanos used the Mind Stone to confuse them into attacking Aquaman instead. Aquaman deflects them and turned his attention back to Thanos; but Thanos was already there and hit him so hard that Aquaman landed on the island again.

As soon as Thanos got back onto the island; Hulk, Superman, Shazam, Ghost Rider, and Wonder Woman proceeded to knock Thanos around: Wonder Woman hit him to Superman, Superman to Shazam, Shazam to Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider to Hulk. But when Hulk got hold of Thanos, he roared his loudest roar and smashed him into the dirt. Hulk was just about to hit Thanos again, when Thanos caught Hulk's fist and threw him across the ground. Hulk rolled across the ground, almost hitting Ant-Man who quickly shrunk away.

Batman saw his chance and went, throwing a smoke bomb in front of Thanos, greatly limiting Thanos' field of vision. Batman used this and hit Thanos as best he could, but it unfortunately did nothing to Thanos, as he used the Mind Gem to trick Batman into fighting his fellow friends and heroes.

Spider-Man started distracting Batman, while the other heroes attacked Thanos. Batman threw batarang after batarang at Spider-Man, only for him to dodge each and every one of them. Batman then leaped, about to land a hard kick on Spider-Man. Spider-Man quickly jumped out of the way, avoiding Batman's kick. Batman landed with a thud on the ground. While Batman was down, Spider-Man webbed him up in order to keep him down.

The Flash ran straight towards Thanos, hoping to be able to do a speed mirage and tear out Thanos' heart, but Thanos only used his speed and hit The Flash hard. Flash tumbled across the island, and Thanos raised his hand to kill Flash; but Gamora jumped on top of him with her sword, trying to cut off his head.

Thanos only laughed and threw Gamora off. He turns back to The Flash and said: "You are able to live your wretched life a few minutes longer, while I fill the ocean with my former daughter's blood." He shot multiple shots from the Power Gem, but Wonder Woman jumped in the way and deflected them with her cuffs.

"I was wondering what those cuffs were for," Hawkeye said while firing multiple arrows at Thanos. "Now I know."

Thanos stopped and said: "Move away from Gamora, so I may kill her."

"If you want her, come and get her!" Wonder Woman replied back.

Thanos ran at Wonder Woman, and so did Wonder Woman. But now, Wonder Woman hit Thanos square in the face, forcing Thanos to wonder once again at the power of these people.

Doctor Strange tried making spells to contain Thanos, but he could not contain Thanos very long with any of his spells. Iron Man started thinking of any way to defeat or at the very least contain him, but nothing came to him.

"Strange," Stark called through the comlink, "the only way to defeat him is to overpower him

"We have not way of overpowering him," Doctor Strange replied, still trying to create spells to contain Thanos.

"Someone has to take the gauntlet off of him," Stark answered.

"That is pretty much one of the most impossible things to do," Doctor Strange said.

"But it's the only way!" Stark yelled.

"Fine," Doctor Strange replied. "But who would do it?"

Spider-Man, in the meanwhile, continued to distract Batman, while his mind is tricked by the Mind Stone, and he called out, "Does anyone want to try to get rid of this Jedi mind trick thing that was done on Him?"

Batman punched Spider-Man.

"Oww!" Spidey called out. "I haven't hit you once, and you punch me hard? That's rude."

Batman quickly threw an explosive batarang at Spider-Man's head, but Spider-Man jumped out of the way and watched it explode.

"Hey!" he called out. "Now you try to blow up my head? This is getting really dangerous."

Adam Warlock threw a punch at Thanos, but Thanos' Stones hit Adam's Stone; and they both were pushed away from the force of it. The blast undid the mind trick on Batman, and he fell down.

Superman and Shazam used this time to start trying to beat the crap out of Thanos, but Thanos merely pushed them off. Batman, upset at Thanos for min d controlling him, threw explosive batarangs, explosives, and smoke bombs. But Thanos ran towards Batman, ignoring whatever Batman threw at him. He geared up for a punch, but Batman quickly dodged. Then Superman hit Thanos hard from behind, while Wonder Woman, Shazam, Black Bolt, Hulk, and Ghost Rider beat him up from other sides.

All of a sudden, the Earth quaked.

"What the f*** was that?" Rocket asked.

The earths will collide soon," replied Thanos. "Soon enough, you will all be dying, knowing that you failed billions of lives, and I will be marrying Lady Death."

"I don't know about you guys, but marrying some dude named Death creeps me out," Spider-Man said.

"Do you always have to joke?" asked Punisher.

"I only joke when I want to, which is pretty much all the time, Spider-Man replied.

The Punisher only growled and turned away.

"Gosh, someone's cranky," Spider-Man muttered under his breath.

Thanos knew that he only had to distract the heroes for a small while longer, until the earths collided. He had been preparing for this battle forever, ever since heroes started appearing on Earth.

So, Thanos charged. He punched Superman, shot Shazam, and finished what was left of the Hulkbuster.

Hulk roared and leaped ,so that it looked as if he flew, at Thanos. He kept on fighting Thanos, while Thanos tried deflecting him, but the Hulk stood his ground, continuing to get angrier by the second.

Thanos had known before he came to Earth that Hulk was a dangerous and powerful creature, but he had never known he was this strong.

Thanos, getting frustrated, pushed Hulk away, but that only added more fuel to Hulk's rage. Hulk got up and stomped so hard that it shook the island. Shazam quickly went towards Thanos and pushed him away and then continued beating on Thanos. Thanos, though, flight back harder than he had before. He shot Shazam, super sped at him and stopped him from getting up. Shazam quickly shocked his lightning at Thanos, prompting Thor to do the same. But the lightning had no affect: Thanos continued beating down on Shazam. Shazam pushed Thanos away and flew at him, lightning striking and fists ready to hit. But Thanos absorbed Shazam into a space portal with the Space Gem.

Thanos then went back to fighting Hulk. He pounded Hulk, but Wonder Woman then came and pounded Thanos before he could continue his attack on Hulk. He then circuses on Wonder Woman. Batman did whatever he could, quickly dodging away whenever Thanos got a shot at him. Hulk came up to help battle Thanos, but Thanos threw Wonder Woman into Hulk

Superman yelled: "This ends NOW!!!" And used his laser vision on Thanos. Thanos shielded himself from it and shot Superman out of the sky. Batman came up from behind and batman attacking him, only for Thanos to throw him against a tree. Batman began standing up, weak though he was. Thanos used his advantage and and ran towards him, about to kill him finally. He was just about to kill Batman, when Captain America quickly jumped in between, saving Batman but getting himself killed.

Tony Stark stared in disbelief as he saw one of his best friends, though enemies at times, die in front of him. He felt useless and helpless. He then felt himself getting angry. This guy just killed the one person he knew who never gave up hope and always gave others hope. Stark, in his anger, shot repulsors continually at Thanos.And him and punched him from behind.

"We have only about 5 minutes until the earths collide," Doctor Strange yelled. "We must do something quickly."

"No kidding," Flash said, speeding toward Thanos.

Thanos was continuing to win and was just about to kill Batman, when Shazam flew back in and hit Thanos harder than Thanos had ever been hit before.

"How did you get back here?" Thanos asked. "I sent you away from here."

"Dude, he can travel through dimensions," Flash replied.

"It is no longer of any concern now," Thanos said. "The earths are only mere moments away from destroying each other."

Thanos lofted his hand towards the sky and said: "You pitiful mortals will soon be dead!"

At that same moment, a figure dropped down from a tree and pulled the gauntlet off of Thanos' hand. The earths started moving away from each other, and Thanos dropped to the ground.

"No!" Thanos yelled. Who did that?"

"I did," replied the

"What?" Thanos asked. "My own daughter, Nebula."

"I am not your daughter!" Nebula yelled. "You killed my parents, the only ones who can call me 'daughter'!"

"Now, what do we do with 'Big Chins'?" Spider-Man asked.

"I will take him to pay for his sins," Ghost Rider replied in a gravelly voice.

Ghost Rider chained Thanos up and quickly rode away on his flaming motorcycle.

"Okay, what about the Stones?" Spider-Man asked.

"I'll take them to Xandar," Star-Lord replied. "The stones will be safe there."

Doctor Strange went over to Superman and shook his hand.

"We appreciate your help, and we are sorry for your dead," Doctor Strange said.

"Although we could have done without some of Flash's smart comments," Hawkeye added in.

"Any time," Superman replied, laughing.

"We should be off now," Wonder Woman said.

"Of course," Superman said back.

The DC heroes left; and Tony Stark took off his mask, knelt beside Captain America's dead body, and started sobbing.

"Stark," Doctor Strange said, "we're going back to New York. Are you coming?"

"I'll catch up," Tony replied.

"Stark, I must be leaving now," said Thor. "I will always remember the Captain. He was a great warrior and friend."

"Good-bye, Thor," Tony Stark replied, barely looking at him.

About a half hour later, Tony Stark left for New York, but no one noticed that Winter Soldier was still standing on the God-forsaken island. He walked over and fell on Captain America's body, sobbing. He remembered all the times he and Steve had played together as boys in the 1920s, when they fought together in World War 2, and when they fought against each other at the fall of SHIELD. Steve never hit his friend, even when his friend had beaten him half to death.

Almost an hour later, Winter Soldier stood up, looked at his best friends' dead body, and said: "I'm with you to the end of the line, pal."


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