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Every geek wants to see Thor 3 and want know about new ways and wars of Asgard prince. We know about Thor and Jane Foster love scenes but if you read comics about Thor you know about Thors wife Lady Sif. That is why we can see more Lady Sif in Thor 3 and little scenes with Portman's Jane Foster.May be Jane Foster will killed by Loki or Surthur and this death will reason for Thor come back.Thor 2 show Lady Sif feelings and her secret dream about Thor's love and may be them wedding.I hope Thor 3 ending will positive and we see Thor and Sif great wedding and royal coronation in Asgard as King and Queen.

Thor and Lady Sif hot scenes will good armor in Thor 3 movie

Thor loves Lady Sif

You my wonderful sun

I love you my lady

You are my joy. I’m your fun.

You are my unreal baby.

You are very brave warrior

I like your gorgeous glimpse

My love would like mirror

I dream about your lips

I always admire to your face

Your love is my space

I like your love games

I will follow you in any place

Sif, I cant live without you

I will wait your words: “I do”

I’m your loving hero

This world for me and you

You are master of fencing

You my noble feeling

Be my eternal wife

Be with me my single love

You my muse of freedom

Be my loving Queen

You my saint wisdom

Be my forever dream

I promise I will be best husband

I will be hold your gentle hand

In anyplace and anytime I will be with you

I know. You love me too

You my happy goddess of war

Your wish is my law

I’m your reliable thunder

You my joy and power

You my empress of Asgard

You live in my heart

You my unusual wonder

Sif would like sky flower

You my whole universe, my Sif

I’m in love at the moment

Be my complete, my Sif

And love will be our prophet

(c) Farkhat Azhibaev


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