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Noticeably, this is En Sabah Nur. We know this is the X- Men's greatest enemy to ever touch the battlegrounds of Marvel. But, in a line-up of "The Usual Suspects" alongside other villains from other movies, without any labels, I'm afraid nobody would be able to point directly at this portrayal of "The First One"of and immediately say "That's Apocalypse!". With all due respect to Oscar Isaac, he doesn't fit the bill. Not saying, he can't, at all, but we, as fans, need something more absolute! Something so slight, though, could change the entire atmosphere of our feelings towards Isaac's Apocalypse... His skin NEEDS to be gray, not blue (or purple,lol) because his LIPS are BLUE (NOT PURPLE,lol)!!! Though his size its forgivable, because of Apocalypse's ability to manipulate such things and the undoubtedly knowing that CGI will be used in many ways for this film, we can look past the minute stature, for now... Now, with all that said, I came across a fanmade rendering of Isaac's Apocalypse, only CORRECTED...

DO YOU SEE?!?! IS THIS NOT SOMETHING THAT WE WOULD IN ALL WAYS BE COMFORTABLE WITH?! The changes made are so cosmetically minimal yet the principle is perfect! If this had been the Apocalypse that we were introduced to in the past few weeks... I believe I can speak for all of us and say "The X- Men are in trouble!" This is "The First One" that controls the Horsemen! And, this rendition would never be compared to an Ivan Ooze or a Grimmus... I would, in all ways, have the satisfaction that Apocalypse is coming! The changes do not seem like it would be that hard to configure... As I've been saying "It wouldn't take much..."



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