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So after This great movie got a sequel I was thinking hard about what to do about everything. You see I didn't think I could write this because I have no idea how to photoshop so excuse me if it a terrible job and pictures that I am about to present. Now then I already thought hard what each girl would be like and I came up with something for each.


Margo would probably become a lawyer and defend against evil isn't that ironic, she probably got it from her step mom. Anyways Margo goes to Harvard or Yale and attends law school for a couple of years before finding her husband named Robert in school as well. After 6 years of school and three years of dating they got married and had a son named Arthur and a girl named Jessica. Don't worry adding up the years she wasn't that very old when she had kids and marriage she most likely entered college when she was 17 or 16.


Here we have Edith! Now this was hard, she can either be a daredevil,pro skater, or my favorite take over making inventions. Following Gru's steps she makes inventions both good and bad since she never wants to be evil. When growing up she finished school normally and didn't attend college. She met her husband Tony and then expecting a boy got a girl instead called Karina. She was pretty young when she had her child like 22.


(sorry for the pic)

So Angus has always been the cute girl which everyone loves so my guess is she grew up to be a veterinarian. She loves taking care of animals and she was very oblivious to her high school and college crush s after 8 years of chasing her he finally got notice we talking about a guy named Harry . They got married a few months later. She has three kids Mike, Susy, and Robby. She graduated school at a normal pace.

As for the rest well Gru just got old with his new wife and they didn't have any more kids, but they do take care of their grand-kids from time to time. When Gru was well gone Edith most likely became the new master of the minions.

That's all for my after math thanks and have a great day!


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