ByFlavia Sofia, writer at
Sorry but I don't really appreciate your use of "" these with the word artists. Yes, all of these edits are made by artists. But like I said in another comment, a lot of them are not trying to actually change the characters. Some of them are just looking for new ways to practice their drawing, painting and/or editing skills. I bet some dont even expect to get their work go viral or even featured in a major website. But sometimes, when it does, the media changes the actual point of the whole thing. Like that article with the "if Disney characters had realstic face proportions" thing by TheNamelessDoll. The artist was just practicing her photo and video editing and instead she got a bunch of hate messages telling her to stop, that cartoon styles were just that a style. She knew that, better than a lot of people probably. She had been inspired to them all her life. And words like that really hurt you both creatively and personally. So please be careful when you refere to ARTISTS as "artists". Thanks!!

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