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I believe that Chappie is one of the more emotional movies that has been released lately. Sure the movie has it's great scenes of humor and witty lines, but there is such a deeper meaning into the movie that we somehow seem to forget. Deon created the FIRST complete artificial intelligence that can think like humans, which means that Chappie is feeling just as we do. We really feel bad for Chappie in such scenes when he was being abused by the boys after being dropped off by Ninja, and one scene that didn't really seem to mean a lot was the scene into which Chappie started petting the dogs head after the beating up of Chappie. This played with my emotions as even though he's a robot, he still has the same feeling to animals as we do, and that hit me hard, also only being a very short scene. The main part of this movie that just had my emotions on a train wreck was the whole idea of transferring consciousness. During the final few moments of the intense ending Chappie connects Deon to the Neuro-Helmet and transfers Deon's consciousness over to the test robot, and Deon doing the same for Chappie, but to a robot that was nearby. The actual ending of the movie hit me hard. Chappie is on the laptop and creates a robot for Yolandi, as he had her consciousness stored from testing it out. He then proceeds to say " Now we are both black sheeps mommy " and that being the final scene. The movie was really deep, and it gets even more emotional the more times you watch it. ~ Nick


What were your emotional thoughts of Chappie?


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