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There really is no actor like Chris Pratt. I'm not saying his style is impossible to replicate; there are plenty of guys who can do the whole affable and charming and handsome yet approachable schtick. What's special about Pratt is that he represents Hollywood's ability to elevate actors you never expected into the leagues of blockbuster royalty. Seriously, imagine watching Parks and Recreation circa 2010 and being told that Andy Dwyer would be set to become the most bankable leading man in Hollywood. It sounds absurd!

Pratt's career also gives the impression that just about anyone could become the dashing star he is now. I personally am not worried about putting on weight in my life time, for I could theoretically just do a Chris Pratt at any time and simply turn it all around. The guy was once James McAvoy's sleazy friend in the horribly egregious Wanted, and now look at him! Surely the speed with which Pratt has gone from being a bumbly comedy star to smoldering male lead has some danger to it. Is there a risk that this could all come crashing down? Let's take a look at the future projects Chris Pratt has lined up, and find out!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Peter Quill was made for Chris Pratt!
Peter Quill was made for Chris Pratt!

Let's kick things off with the movie that made Chris Pratt. Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel Cinematic Universein general fit Pratt perfectly. He's not supposed to be some infallible ideal. As much as Peter Quill acts like Han Solo, he's still doing just that; acting. That doesn't mean we perceive the character as lame or phony. It just means we find him more relatable, and are thus more wowed when he does pull off something cool. I'm trusting that Marvel and James Gunn can carry this understanding over into Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and let Chris Pratt keep rocking that perfect balance of goofy and suave that no one else in the MCU can rival... oh wait Ant-Man just came out. Dammit!

Jurassic World 2

Chris Pratt in Jurassic World
Chris Pratt in Jurassic World

So now we've talked about the movie that understood Pratt perfectly, let's discuss the movie that completely misunderstood him. I've already expressed my slight dislike for Jurassic World here, but we may as well elaborate further! Jurassic World included less a performance of Pratt's as it did a condensation of memes that emerged in the wake of Guardians. Owen Grady is such a perfect embodiment of manly heroism that even Pratt's amicable performance style can't inject anything relatable into him. If Jurassic World 2 could push him over into the realms of self-parody, we might be in for something more fun.

Indiana Jones 5

And here's the thing that worries me most. I'm not opposed to the idea of Chris Pratt starring in Indiana Jones 5. Not one bit. However, the internet's almost rabid determination for him to be in the role is indicative of the rampant casting that doesn't take the circumstances of film production and the careers of actors into account. This is the kind of attitude that notices that Michael J Fox's son looks a lot like Marty McFly, and immediately demands Back to the Future 4! Similarly, Chris Pratt risks simply becoming the guy Hollywood pulls out when a broad fandom needs pleasing. Who should play Indiana Jones? Chris Pratt. Who should play a young Han Solo? Chris Pratt. Who should play Mr Miyagi in yet another Karate Kid movie? Probably not Chris Pratt, but I guarantee someone out there would think it a good idea!


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