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A couple months after Johnny Depp got in trouble for smuggling his dogs into Australia, the actor is once again making headlines for his undying love for all things cute. Luckily, I don't think anyone could be against him this time around.

Back before his terriers, Pistol and Boo, were forced out of the country, Depp headed to the Australian Bat Clinic to sponsor one orphaned bat that he named "Jackie Sparrow." According to the clinic's director Trish Wimberley, the proud papa showed a keen interest in rescuing the baby flying fox:

He was very interested in it [Jackie Sparrow] and so we asked if Johnny would like to sponsor her, because we do sponsor little babies and he said 'yes.'

Now, the Australian Bat Clinic has published this video proving something I didn't think was possible: bats are actually pretty damn cute.

He's no deadbeat dad! This is the caption that accompanied the video, and it seems like Jack Sparrow really does have a softer side:

Johnny Depp caught up with us again last week for an update on little Jackie Sparrow (The orphaned bat he is sponsoring). Here is a video of Dad bottle feeding his little orphaned baby. It's so fantastic to see him showing a genuine interest, and helping us raise awareness for bats!

It's so refreshing to see a celebrity take a genuine interest in an issue that must be so often overlooked. Depp clearly understands the importance of bats to the ecosystem Down Under, even if it goes against the philosophy of one of his most memorable characters.


Since he should be sticking around the Gold Coast of Australia for continued filming of [Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales](tag:586017), we might be seeing Johnny Depp interact with even more precious critters. For his sake, let's hope they're more of the koala variety and less like Huntsman spiders or venomous snakes.

Although, maybe Depp could make even those terrifying creatures look cuddly.

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