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As you may have noticed, the internet at the moment is a little bit obsessed with catching up with child stars from the past and looking at how they've grown up. If they have managed to survive the linear progression of time, then it's already pretty impressive, but it's even better if they done that and got hot at the same time (a term we refer to as 'Longbottoming' in the Moviepilot office).

Buzzfeed decided to take a wry meta side-sweep at this genre of pop culture with their nostalgia piece regarding Max, Goofy's son from A Goofy Movie.

Although Max started out life as a somewhat angsty teenager, he blossomed over the prevailing years and turned into...

A conventionally attractive dude with kind of bad facial hair - or a "lumbersexual" as some people insist on referring to it as.

Not only that, but he also makes dull observations on Twitter - just like us!

He knows how to win Instagram, mostly by including cats in his selfies.

And apparently he's now a proud father who likes to constantly remind us of that fact:

But who's the mother? Well, it's only his childhood sweetheart Roxanne - isn't that just heartwarming!

So, yeah, basically this happened. Now that we're creating fictionalized futures (and mocking up images) of fictional characters, perhaps it's time to realize this whole thing has gone a little far? I mean, where will it possibly end? Will someone write a "Take a look at what your favorite animal actors from the 1990s are doing now?" article. That's just ridiculous.

(See Buzzfeed, I can go meta too).

Source: Buzzfeed


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