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Hot on the tail of losing its female lead character in Nina Dobrev, it seems that The Vampire Diaries is trying very hard to compensate by adding extensively to its female cast.

Indeed, the loss of Elena was heartbreaking but the following piece of information might make you very excited for the seventh season despite the gaping hole of her absence!

It appears that three freshly-faced vamps are signed up to join the Mystic Falls crew and as I'm sure you can imagine, the consequences are likely to be explosive.

Elizabeth Blackmore, Scarlett Byrne and Teressa Liana (from left to right above) will appear in the next season, which is expected to take a rather villainous turn.

Which roles will these ladies play?

According to sources, Elizabeth will star as Valerie, one of Lily Salvatore's heretics with "powerful magic and a dark and moody attitude." Not a big fan of life in Mystic Falls, she clashes with her regarding the rules she lays down for the family.

In response, Valerie triggers a "dangerous chain of events that will change the face of Mystic Falls." Whoa, that's not gonna be pretty!

Now, turning to the other two newcomers, Scarlett will play Nora and Liane will be introduced as Mary Louise. As well as being heretics, they are also a couple! Nora is described as having "a sly sense of humor" and Mary Louise possesses a "strong point of view which she isn't afraid to express." I can't even imagine what chaos these two will unleash on the town.

Even Julie Plec teased us at Comic-Con, admitting that the seventh season will be joined by some "nasty, nasty, nasty girls."

And second executive producer Caroline Dries concurs that:

The "challenge for the writers in season seven is topping the villain from the previous season. And by bringing in Lily's family, it's the first time we've seen our characters go against them and they go, 'Oh, we don't know what we're doing.' It's very hard."

How the character will really fare against this loathsome bunch, however, we will have to wait and see.

The Vampire Diaries returns with its brand new series on October 8, 2015. Sink your teeth into this in preparation:



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