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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Remember those awesome manual music boxes that tick away a cute little melody, transporting you to a fantastical reality? Well, imagine that cute little music box has now transitioned fully into 21st century mode, and is now Star Wars themed.

In a collaborative project from Swiss watchmakers MB&F and Swiss music box creators Reuge, an epic new music box has been born.

I present to you the TIE fighter-shaped music box:

Each wing comes equipped with its own music box with a bunch of playable songs to geekily lull you to sleep, impress your friends, or both at the same time. The song selection includes the Star Wars and Mission Impossible theme tunes. Sounds pretty sweet right? The catch is that you'll have to fork over $18,000 for this bad boy. Yeah...

Check out the full ad below:

So, do you love Star Wars? Do you love music boxes? Do you have $18,000 to throw around?

I've gotta say, as awesome as this is, that's a hefty amount of moolah!


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