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The art of film pales in comparison to celebrity gossip culture, right?
Antonio Bouchard

"What's twitter?" you might ask. Well, we're not totally sure. There's been many theories but no solid definition or definitive proof. But, there is one man out there who might be able to tell us... That's right, Bean Flapjack.

Here's my proof.


What's that?!?! Huh? Explain that one Bone Applesnack!


Not only is Bendabun Afflebatch proving there may in fact exist a "twitter", but also that he has no grasp on the English language. Just try to look up "" in any dictionary, you won't find dick. You can trust me, I own a lot of dictionaries. It wasn't anywhere.


Now, if you look closely, you can almost make out two DIFFERENT Fan Bafflick's in this photo he "tweeted" back in November. Leading some to speculate that he may have cloned himself in order to have somebody write his boring "tweets" when he isn't able to. Whatever that means.


This time BFF Ashtercat proves that even though he may have the skill to produce uninspired blocks of under-140-character text, he has no clue how to count. Sorry Boom, but MakeaWish isn't a number.


Ohhhhhhhhh, okay. No, wait. I think I get this now.

False alarm. My bad guys.

Turns out I totally do not understand what Twitter is, and should absolutely not be writing articles around it... Except this one. This one's fine. I did okay.



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