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I really must say that Fargo is currently knocking it out the park with the marketing for Season 2! The first season was last year plagued by the trend of adapting 90s movies into TV shows, as well as an overt effort to live up to genre behemoths like Breaking Bad. The show didn't quite seem comfortable in its own skin, but as is evidenced by the trailers, photos and synopsis of Season 2, Fargo is set to be one of the most confident shows on TV!

The Official Trailer!

So after many brilliant teasers which themselves acted as tiny art films, FX have finally released an official trailer for Fargo Season 2, and it looks just, if not more kooky and chaotic than Season 1. There seems to be a slightly more jovial tone in this Season, with characters like Kirsten Dunst's Peggy Blomquist on an ironic track of self-improvement which will likely just dig holes deeper for her loved ones, one of those being Jesse Plemons of Breaking Bad fame.

I'm most interested in these two characters because they parallel someone like Lester Nygaard from Season 1 as seemingly innocuous and unthreatening, yet being roped into sinister circles without even knowing it. One shot in the above trailer seems to suggest that Peggy and her husband Ed do indeed get blood on their hands at one point, and could well become the collateral in the gang war that comes to plague their town.

Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson!

Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson!
Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson!

There seems to be a focus in this trailer on Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson, the only character technically returning from Season 1. It seems we're set to see another face off between the small town cop, and a privileged entity that thinks they can get away with anything. Solverson is likely going to find himself way out of his depth, facing forces far more sinister than he, just as his daughter Molly eventually will in Fargo Season 1. Damn these prequels make it hard to talk about continuity!

Is this the Fargo formula?

Every iteration of Fargo, whether it be the movie, season 1 or the approaching season 2 seems to hinge on a number of factors that make up something I call the Fargo formula!

  • Quaintness: No matter how grim the story gets, Fargo requires at least some characters who adopt a space of quaintness and innocence. Not only does this make it more tense when they get into dangerous situations, but it's also a way in for audience identification.
  • Evil: Much like one of the other great works of the Coen Brothers, No Country For Old Men, there must be a degree of seemingly meaningless violence in Fargo, there mostly to baffle the good guys and seep their faith in humanity.
  • Black humor: I'm not usually a fan of making a joke out of violence and suffering, yet Fargo seems to have nailed the process of making us laugh with just a little bit of terror on the side.
  • Snow: Well duh...

Premiere Date in October

The best promotion for Fargo!
The best promotion for Fargo!

No specific air date has been given for Fargo Season 2, but since the show airs in October, we can be sure to be treated to lots more of what the show has to offer. Perhaps we'll have it revealed exactly what the conflict is here, or see more of Bokeem Woodbine's character. And of course, when will we finally be treated to Bruce Campbell as Ronald Reagan! For more of me asking the important questions, you can find my other articles on Fargo Season 2 right here!


Is there such a thing as the Fargo formula?


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