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I Know a lot about the history of spiderman comics.
Lego Han solo

Do you remmber that day, back in February spiderman was announced to be a part of the mcu. I don't know about you but i was over the moon!


later on we recieved news that tom holland was cast as spiderman! and a hot aunt may aswell (never thought i would say that) . And now all that is left to announce is the villian in the 2017 movie and at least the damn title of the movie. I guess marvel is playing hush hush about spiderman,but you can't blame because spiderman can earn them a lot of money and they are propably waiting for the right time.


but there is still one question in my mind.Are we finally going to see spiderman teaming up with other superhero's. I watched a lot of spiderman movies and all of them is just about spiderman vs the villain. but what i never dreamed of hulk calling spidey a puny bug and now it is possible! what im trying to say here is that this time we are going to see a spiderman that correctly fit's into a world of superheros. rather than him being the only superhero in the world.we are going to see spidey actully hearing about the Avengers and i can't wait to see what he think's about other people who are trying to save new york. Tell me how do you think spiderman is going to fit into the mcu, maybe he was inspired by iron-man to be a superhero who knows!


How do you think spiderman will fit ino the mcu?


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