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Warning! This article contains spoilers to Ant-man!

Hello to everyone! I'm sure many fans and people wanted to see ant-man grows giant in the movie but it didn't happend.

But! I think their was a hint for this.

the discs
the discs

remember this disc? There were two types of the discs: the red one that can reduce and the blue that can Increase.

in the movie his used them for the battle with Yellow-Jacket but it made a big and small mess.

the regulator
the regulator

Ant-man find a way to defeat Yellow-Jacket: he needed to destroy the suit from the inside, But! even his ant size did not allow him to penetrate the Yellow-Jacket suit, so he decided to shrink to the Quantum Realm with the help of the regulator.

Yellow-Jacket defeated, but Ant-man stuck in the Quantum Realm' Hank Pym told to Scott that their no escape from the Quantum Realm but than Ant-man has an idea: he put the blue disc into the regulator and grows back to human/ant size.

untill now I told you the things that happend in the movie, now about my theory: I'm sure in the next movies of marvel Ant-man will get giant' but how? in the way he grew from the Quantum Realm! I'm sure that Scott or Hank will think about make Ant-man giant (Giant-man). Scott already know how to do this and he told Hank about this to! maybe the new Wasp (Hope van Dyne) will get giant the same way.

thank you for reading and comment me what do you think.


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