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Yes. I am Butt hurt. But before we get into why, I want you to watch these two videos: The first one I have little problems with, but lets not get into why. But its the second video I have a problem with. Before we get into the Super Spoilery stuff, here are the two videos:

Here's the first video:

And Here's the Second:

Now, brace yourself for my annoyance


That rematch was shitty. Just shitty. Let me tell you why:

Goku obtained new forms, as most Dragon Ball fans know. But it was pointless to make a rematch. As of this very second, the Super Saiyan God from the movies are no longer canon, being that Dragon Ball Super is retelling the story of Battle of Gods, and will most likely redo the Resurrection of 'F' as well. With that being said, the movie versions of the two forms can possibly have little similarities to what Akira Toriyama has in store for the main Lineage.

Secondly, even if the forms were canon, we know absolutely NOTHING about the Super Saiyan God forms. There are is nothing explaining the in depth powers of what the Super Saiyan God has. For wall we know, Goku's divine ki can be pure magic and Superman's win is a quick loss. Doing a rematch was pointless when we know nothing about the form.

Lastly, and the most annoying factor in the battle, is how Screw Attack totally dodged the new power Superman has that would've tipped the scales in the battle. Goku OBVIOUSLY overwhelmed Superman, which would've made Superman use the Solar Bomb, turning into Clark Kent, and get his ass killed, because a simple ki blast to a powerless Clark Kent will disintegrate him. Screw Attack made an in depth explanation of what his new power is, but didn't use it. Isn't that kind of fishy?

Now, I want your opinions for everything I just said, and I want your opinions on this battle and the rematch that shouldn't be. Have fun!


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