ByMatthew Nightingale, writer at

I've spoke to a lot people about Whiplash, and when i hear a negative view about the movie i do question their cinematic snobbery for such a brilliant movie.

I found it refreshing for a movie not to be dictated by the trials and tribulations of love, rather for me to succeed and be the best i have to put everything else aside, and be undeniable selfish. We start off seeing Andrew as an ordinary guy as the movie progresses so does the intensity, this is synonymous with Andrews desire to be the best.

The lack of empathy from the main roles encouraged an unavoidable conflict which is played out in the last scene where we witness an awesome drum solo. Since watching the movie i've watched the last act on youtube and saw a comment underneath saying this shouldn't be on youtube. Not because its probably an illegally uploaded video. But because to just watch the end 10 minutes does not justify what us the viewer, Andrew & Fletcher have gone through.

For the first time in a long time i was completely captivated by a movie, I couldn't tell you if it was long or short without looking it up. This is a must watch movie. Warning. Be careful though you may be investing in a drum set afterwards.

Thank you Matt


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