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With Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice arriving in less than a year, I've seen much of the hoi polloi ponder and hypothesize as to whether or not Superman or Batman will have a romance, or at least "will-they/won't-they" sexual tension with Wonder Woman. Neither scenario is unheard of, with WonderSupes (or whatever that 'ship is called) being prominently featured in an ongoing series aptly named Superman/Wonder Woman, and WonderBat having happened briefly in the comics, and echoed in the Justice League/Justice League: Unlimited cartoon. This article serves to convey my own thoughts on WonderSupes, specifically.

Let me be clear: I HATE IT. But why?

I think the primary reason for which I despise the Superman/Wonder Woman romance is not because of Lois Lane being Superman’s iconic squeeze, but rather how unrelatable it is.

Consider this: why do we find these characters relatable? Superman is a nigh-invincible and omnipotent alien. Wonder Woman is a demigod, created by Zeus, and is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the aforementioned all-powerful alien. Batman, sure, is as human as we are, but is one of the richest men on the planet (a recurring theme among superheroes without powers). Few members of the League, Avengers, X-Men, et cetera, are truly relatable in that way. So why do we get so attached?

Because they show a “human” side. Most of their love interests are human. Nothing brings a superhero lower than having all the power in the world, yet being unable to protect the ones they care most about. It is in those moments where Superman, the being who is so powerful he actually becomes boring, stops being super. Lois is his primary tie to humanity.

WonderSupes: they're no Brad and Angelina
WonderSupes: they're no Brad and Angelina

What happens when we replace Lois with Wonder Woman? Suddenly, the hot-headed reporter is not the subject of the Man of Steel’s concerns. No, it’s the second most-powerful being on Earth. Now, we have these two gods (so to speak) who save the world, but also spend their nights together. What is Superman’s (and Wonder Woman, for that matter, who has her own human love interest) tie to humanity?

It’s important to note that I do not consider “humanity” to be synonymous with “altruism.” Both characters are known far and wide for their altruistic methods, and not just their powers. No, “humanity” is synonymous with weakness and mistakes. It takes less than a pound of pressure to puncture human skin (according to Inara, at least; I’m no scientitian), and we as a species are defined by our weaknesses, both physical and emotional. Lois Lane was Superman’s true weakness, not kryptonite. Now suddenly, his “weakness” is almost as powerful as he is.

If my long years of reading, watching, and playing intricate and well-written stories have taught me anything, it is that total omnipotence is boring.


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