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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

When it was announced Christian Bale would not be returning to the Batman franchise for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice the internet exploded with fan casts for the new Batman. One actor whose name always seemed to come up was Jake Gyllenhaal. There were many fans who campaigned for Jake Gyllenhaal to be cast as our new Batman. Fast forward to today and Ben Affleck is our new Bruce Wayne and Jake Gyllenhaal is working on other projects. In an interview on the ESPN talk show Mike and Mike in the Morning, Gyllenhaal was asked by host Mike Golic which superhero he would like to play. Gyllenhaal quickly responded with Batman and how much he would love to play the role.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman?

Could Jake Gyllenhaal play Batman?
Could Jake Gyllenhaal play Batman?

I definitely think Jake Gyllenhaal could pull off Batman. He would be very similar to Christian Bale's Batman but I don't think he would fit into what DC is doing right now. The DCCU is changing and it is changing fast. The Bruce Wayne of today is a lot older and much more damaged by his past. Ben Affleck I think will be great for the Batman of today but there is no denying that Jake could have pulled off a great Batman. Jake Gyllenhaal is a very underrated actor and is never really given the praise he deserves. He is dedicated to his roles and he would definitely put his best foot forward. Unfortunately, there really is a slim chance that we will see Jake Gyllenhaal as Bruce Wayne someday, unless Ben Affleck completely bombs he may be our Batman for some time. Gyllenhaal also made a comment regarding whether Batman is a real superhero. Will this make the fans angry?

Batman not a real superhero?

Jake Gyllenhaal was asked whether he thought Batman was a superhero and he responded with "no." Both Jake and host Mike Golic agreed that he was not a superhero, opposite to host Mike Greenberg's opinion. This is a debate that seems timeless and there will always be a split opinion. Is Batman really a superhero? There definitely are some facts that support that he isn't. He has no powers and is really more of a vigilante than a crime stopper. While he does good for they city, his methods to some are a bit unorthodox and some see him as a criminal. Is it really fair to say he isn't a superhero?

He may not be super, but he is definitely a HERO!

Batman may not have anything super about him, but he is a real hero. Just because he does't fly or have god-like powers doesn't mean we shouldn't consider him a hero. Batman has done so much for the city of Gotham and I think it's foolish to not claim him as a hero. You can definitely make the argument of Batman not exactly being a "super" hero, but there is no denying he is a hero.


Do you think Batman is a superhero?

This is a very controversial topic and it is one that may never end. Everyone has a different opinion and rightly so. Batman is and forever will be one of the greatest characters of all time and that is why such an esteemed actor like Jake Gyllenhaal is so interested in playing him. His legacy is truly legendary.

"It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."- Bruce Wayne


Do you think Jake Gyllenhaal would make a good Batman?


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