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The [Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials](tag:1142567) trailer dropped about a week ago, and in it was a hell of a lot of action, a little badassery, a whole lot of abandoned desert and Littlefinger. I mean Rat-Man. As excitement and anticipation grows for the sequel to last year's The Maze Runner, based upon the best-selling books by James Dashner, I thought I'd jot down 5 things you may have missed in the new trailer.

Fair warning: This post is FULL of spoilers. It literally does not get any more spoilerific than this. If you haven't read the books, and you'd like to avoid spoilers, you have been warned.

Oh lettuce begin.

1. Thomas is having flashbacks.

In the first book Thomas starts to have flashbacks to life before the Maze, triggered by the arrival of Teresa. It's these flashbacks that cause him to wonder if it were him, along with Teresa, who put the kids in the Maze, surrounded by Grievers, and was one of his main concerns, among you know, basic survival, who he was, what was happening etc. Small stuff.

In the books, he began to worry that he may be closer to Wicked than he thinks. Now of course, a lot of things were changed and omitted from the first movie, (Thomas & Teresa's telepathy to name but one) but it seems as though the flashbacks have simply been shifted down to be included in the sequel.

The beginning of the trailer shows a large crowd of people being herded into a facility, and of course there are "workers" wearing what appear to be gas masks. At this point, little Thomas, we know this because a woman (his mother?) calls him by name, and then sets him down. He is thereafter picked up by one of those aforementioned "workers" in masks.

We can assume that this is the movie's version of a semi-militarized Wicked, working routinely around the time that the deadly virus from the books, known as 'The Flare', had hit. We know Thomas was apart of Wicked, though I don't think the books mentioned how long for (it has been a while since I read them), so perhaps the movies are going down the route of having him involved early on? i.e Did Wicked rescue him? Raise him?

2. Did Thomas know Ava Paige before the Maze?

In the trailer, after being taken by a group of what we can assume are Wicked "workers", we see young Thomas on a train. Opposite him is a fair-headed woman, who assures him that everything is going to be okay? Could this be Ava Paige?

Yes, yes it could. And it is. For those of you who don't know, or don't remember, Ava Paige is the Chancellor of Wicked, who at the end of the first movie we saw leave a message for The Gladers, and then violently shoot herself in the head. (This all of course being a farce, at the end the audience see she is still alive). We know that the woman speaking to Thomas on the train isn't his mother, we see who we're assuming is her in a previous shot and she clearly has dark hair. Whereas the woman on the train features the same prominent nose as the Ava Paige from the first movie, as well as the light hair, so we can assume that yes, that is Ava Paige. And yes, she knew Thomas before the Glade, as early as when he was a very young child.

3. What ever happened to Gally?

The trailer shows a lot of Wicked's wrongdoings, with kids hanging from the ceilings trapped in wires, and tall glass tubes holding within them yet more terrifying creatures (you know, things worse than Grievers probably), but it's the above close-up that you might've missed, that possibly holds the most information. Now, it's not entirely clear who this is, at first glance it could be either Newt or Gally. However based upon the fact that we see Newt routinely through this trailer and he seems fine, even glancing upon similar tubes holding creatures, I'm going to assume that this is indeed Gally.

In the books, Gally was stung by a Griever. This resulted in him having memories of Thomas, and therefore furthering his distrust of the "Greenie", before he was actually captured by a Griever, and taken in by Wicked. They later brainwashed him, which led to him appearing during the Gladers' escape and trying to kill Thomas. This subsequently resulted in Chuck's death, as he jumped in front to save Thomas.

In the movies however, none of that happened. Gally was just an evil character, with no real motivation or reason for his evilness. He was presumably killed by Minho at the end of the first movie, however as we know he pops up in the last book, and is said to appear in The Scorch Trials movie, we can assume that the movie is once again shifting plot points, and that this is where we see Wicked take control of Gally. Perhaps they took him in after he was injured by Minho's spear, and are "nursing" him back to health, via the mysteries of Wicked Technology.

4. Who are these guys, and how does she know Thomas?

In the trailer, the first words out of this woman's mouth are "Thomas." A confused looking Thomas stares back at her, with his fellow Gladers also staring on in confusion. There are a few important things to note in this scene.

A) Ignoring this woman for a second, we see- for the first real time - the two leaders of Group B - the all Girl group who had their own Maze, and who's situation mirrors that of the Gladers almost exactly. Sonya, (played by Kat McNamara) is Leader of Group B, along with Harriet pictured beside her, (played by Nathalie Emmanuel). Their counterparts in the Gladers would probably be Alby and Newt. Watch out for these two though, they don't take kindly to strangers, Thomas included.

Harriet and Sonya - Leaders of Group B
Harriet and Sonya - Leaders of Group B

B) Woah there, is this woman the same woman from the first shot who we assumed was Thomas' mother? Does this mean that she's not then Thomas' mother? WHO IS SHE!?

I don't know about you, but these two ladies look a tad similar to me. Which raises a lot more questions than it answers. The initial scene with his "Mum" is something that already isn't even in the books, so if that is indeed his Mum, and he's about to meet her in Group B, then we're in for FAR more changes than we could ever have imagined. Alternatively, she may not be his Mum, but some other relative, although that in itself causes more problems, as Thomas does not remember, nor does he mention any other relatives. If she is perhaps an Aunt, then how has she survived The Flare? We saw Wicked take Thomas, we didn't see them take her, and presumably you'd save the young and future generations, not the "old"?

The Flare - a virus that slowly eats away the brain, and eventually turns victims into blood-thirsty and insane humans who consider cannibalism to be an every day objective.

There is of course a very good chance that these two pictures are not of the same woman, and that these are, in fact, two entirely different characters. Which then begs the question, just who is this woman? How does she know Thomas? And how does she fit into the overall plot?

5. First Look at the Cranks being all Cranky and Crankified... kinda, sorta like Zombies.

This one's a little more self-explanatory than the others, but this is the first trailer to give us a glimpse of the infamous Cranks.

As the small definition details, a Crank is someone who is infected by The Flare. We see Cranks all throughout The Scorch Trials book, at varying degrees of insanity. Whilst the book doesn't give them a particularly zombified look, the movie has, making it a lot easier for non book readers to identify the poor lost souls. It's also clear that they've thought about the varying degrees of madness as the Crank we see above, seems relatively recently infected, if we compare him to the Crank that attacks Thomas and Brenda later on in the trailer.

You'll see by my beautifully drawn circles that this Crank looks more skeletal and "creature - like" than the initial one, detailing perhaps just how far gone this particular Crank is. So much so, that whoever he is, he is unrecognisable.

And that's it folks! Check out the trailer below if you missed it!


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