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Kenneth Henderson
He had to to get the dogs of Hydra off his scent. 2) Malekith, yep, I pretty much forgot about him, 10.25 mins after I left the theater. Not much there to remember. 3) Quicksilver dying was a big mistake in my mind. I agree, his is fast, he should be able to avoid bullets, in fact he did at another point in the movie. 4) Iron Man 2, meh... Iron Man 3 was a worse mistake. Iron Man 2 was mediocre, but Iron Man 3 sucked! And I am a huge Iron Man fan. I was very disappointed in IM3, the story, the stupid Mandarin fake, the stupid changing of the Extremis from the comics (c'mon Firebreathing people??) Giving Pepper Potts Extremis and then Tony "curing" her? Tony finally removing the shrapnel in his chest? Why didn't he do that back in Iron Man?? His weak ass armors in this movie was really really stupid. I could go on and on. This movie sucked and in my opinion is the worst in the MCU. Need I say more? 5) Banner always angry? I have to disagree with you here. Banner IS always able to quickly turn into the Hulk. His struggle has always been NOT turning into the Green Rage Monster. A controlled Hulk would be that Banner has complete control and can always keep the Hulk down until needed. But this is not the case, more often than not the Hulk comes out when he wants to.

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