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Well, you did it. You, with the help of a the three man/woman team of your choosing, have done the impossible - survived the apocalypse. But now that humanity is safe, albeit for the time being, everyone has one question in mind; what started the events that led to this apocalypse? Well, now is your chance to answer that question!

The Setting

Before the apocalypse began, the planet was a relatively peaceful place. Sure, New York still had bumper to bumper to traffic, the price of gas was still higher than ever, an terrorism was still a major threat, but hey, compared to an end-of-the-world scenario, things weren't looking all that bad. Now it's your turn to make them look horrible!

Your Job

Your job is to put together a team of four gifted individuals that would bring about this apocalypse using the four horsemen as described in different religious texts, using your own interpretation. You may use any existing character from comics, television shows, movies, video games, religion and even history. Really, anything goes but remember - creativity is the key to making this a successful article!

My Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Going by the Book Of Revelations, the four horsemen would be "Pestilence/Disease, War, Famine and Death." I am not including conquest here as I replaced it with Disease, since it seemed kind of redundant with war.

1. The Horseman of Pestilence

A sentient life destroying parasite? Cute.
A sentient life destroying parasite? Cute.

Pestilence is disease, and it is the first sign of the apocalypse. As such, my choice would have be Gravemind from the Halo franchise.

For those of who don't know Gravemind, he is essentially a being composed of many different forms of The Flood (a parasite that wipes out all sentient life in the universe, ascertaining all the knowledge and mass of whatever the flood takes from it's host and transmitting it back to one, singular mind - The Gravemind).

I choose the Gravemind as my Horseman of pestilence because his disease is a living, viral plague that can literally wipe out all life in the universe. Oh, and did I mention it can inhabit deceased corpses, reanimating them even powerful then before.

2. The Horseman of War

Beautiful and deadly.
Beautiful and deadly.

His role is pretty self explanatory - he's here to get humanity to wage war against one-another. But it takes a special kind of power to convince the world to start fighting each other. That's why I have chosen Jean Grey AKA the Phoenix to be my horseman of war.

Think about it - she can literally enter anyone's head, making them see what they want to see and knowing their every thought, bout conscious and subconscious. On top of that, she can sense fear within each person. Using her powers, she can creates illusions that would simulate the fight-or-flight response within each individual, especially since she can, in their heads, make their greatest fears come to life. This would cause complete chaos that would ultimately lead to an all out war across the world.

3. The Horseman of Famine

Hungry? Well, famine is for sure. And that's why I'm here to bring you my third horseman of the apocalypse; MneMoth.

MneMoth (HellBlazer, Constantine) is a very powerful demon who inhabits insects. He uses these insects as vessel to travel from person to person, inhabiting the person's insides by funneling his insects down the person's throat. This causes uncontrollable hungry for the possessed person, forcing them to eat everything in sight. Not only would this quickly diminish the world's food supply as more people became possessed, it would actually diminish humanity as a species. See, every victim of MneMoth's possession eats and eats and eats, only for the demon to devour the hosts physical body. This would leave a corpse of skin and bone, and the demon moves onto it's next host. At the rate it goes, if left unstopped, it will devour all the food in the world, and possibly all of humanity along with it.

4. The Horseman of Death

Yeah, because you can bring them back to life...
Yeah, because you can bring them back to life...

My favorite horseman. Religion calls him the angel of death, or the reaper, among many other things. For Speedsters, death is the Black Flash. For Thanos, it is a cloaked skeleton who can take human form whom he falls in love with. None of the above are my choices, but I think my choice is pretty spot on; Anne Hale from the TV show Salem.

Anne Hale is a natural born witch, which means she didn't gain her powers by choice, but by inheritance. As such, she is naturally in tune with the powers of Satan himself, already making her a great candidate for creating an apocalypse.

But what really helped me choose Anne as my horseman of death is her abilities. Capable of giving life, she can also take life away. This sounds exactly like what you'd expect out of a a reaper/horseman of death.

Quick Recap

Let's recap quick; the horseman of pestilence is Gravemind, the leader of the Flood parasite. Next up is the horseman of war; Jean Grey. With her abilities to create illusions in people's minds and expose their greatest fears, as well as essentially control their bodies through their minds, she is capable of pitting all of humanity against each other. Then we have the horseman of famine; MneMoth. Being a demon who uses insects to travel from host to host and eating everything in sight until the host dies, MneMoth has the capability to not only wipe out most food from existence, but most humans as well. Last, but not least, we have the horseman of death; Anne Hale. Being a natural born witch, the power of the Devil himself runs through her veins. And being able to give life or death makes her the number one candidate for this horseman.

How They Will Create The Apocalypse

I'm going to break this down into steps to make it easy to read and go from one point to another. To create the apocalypse

1. Gravemind releases the Flood parasite upon humanity, causing mass panic and fear. People become infected, and begin to turn into zombie-like creatures that attack the rest of humanity. It needs to keep spreading to evolve and gain more knowledge, so attacking humanity to spread it is a given.

2. With Gravemind's attack instilling fear into the hearts of the world, Jean Greay could easily manipulate that fear and force people to act on it. This would cause people to begin waging war against one-another in hopes that the parasite wouldn't spread if those who were infected were eradicated from existence.

3. With Gravemind's parasites running rampant and Jean Grey bringing the fear of the Flood to life within the uninfected, war would be waging worldwide. This would be MneMoth's chance to essentially take over individuals who have yet to be infected. From there, he can continue to deplete the worlds food supply, as well as drop some bodies along the way as he jumps from host to host to keep feeding. Not to mention, between the parasite, Jean Grey creating mass warfare, and MneMoth inhabiting people and depleting the food supply. it doesn't seem that there would be too much time available for any workers or farmers to keep growing and producing food for people to eat. Especially since Jean Grey can enter the minds of anyone and basically make them nothing more than a drooling zombie, making it extremely easy for MneMoth to inhabit hosts after host after host.

4. So we have Gravemind spreading the zombie-like parasite that turns men and women into brain dead killing machines, Jean Grey essentially entering the minds of all humans to either enhance their fear to the point that countries begin waging war on one-another or create illusions in their mind that could nullify their conscience, allowing MneMoth to possess his victims with ease. From there, MneMoth can wipe out the food supply with his insatiable appetite, killing each host as he moves on to the next one. Finally, with Anne Hale as our horseman of death, she can take away life from any remaining humans, as well as give life to any corpse. This would create an army of the undead at our four horseman disposal.

Well guys, that's my idea for the next movie pilot contest, as well as my answers to my own question. Let me know if you think this is a good idea in the post below!


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