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Fred Blunden

Speculation has been rife for a while that Warner Bros were looking at reviving the Space Jam brand with LeBron James. This morning saw James and Warner Brothers announce a partnership between the studio and the former’s production company. James has already spoken openly about his desire to branch out into the wider entertainment industry. His role in Trainwreck was surprisingly well received, and this could be the beginning of a successful movie career once his athletic career has ended. “To be able to partner with Warner Bros. will allow me to do some things I’ve always dreamed of,” James said in a statement.

As for the other NBA stars likely to be featured, there’s been no word, although cameo performances from Bill Murray and Michael Jordan would be a welcome tip of the hat to the original.

A Space Jam sequel has been rumoured for quite a while and a Deadline report in February 2014 claimed a writer and producer were attached and LeBron denied his involvement at the time. Riding the wave of 90’s nostalgia currently in cinemas, it’d be easy to see this movie making a TON of money. The question, of course, comes down to quality. Considering the original was hardly Citizen Kane, it’s a fair assumption that the sequel won’t be winning any best actor awards. The main concern is, will LeBron win over audiences given that he divides opinion so fiercely? Personally, so long as Bugs Bunny and co are on fine form, it won’t really matter.


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