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I've read pretty much every Runaways comic and I'm update to date with every MCU film
Cassidy “Cassy” Wallace

Okay, so we've been waiting for a Runaways movie for 5 years now (or at least I have). It's been discussed, speculated upon, and ultimately shelved, so will we ever get to see the runaway teens on the big screen.

My guess is NO, Not anytime soon. Although we might all think that the big screen is the way to go for the kiddies, this my not be in the its best interest.

If you think about it, trying to thrust 6 different kids backgrounds and the backgrounds of their parents, which is just as important and crucial to the story, into a 2-hour long movie my not exactly work in the Runaways favor.

What worked for Guardians of the Galaxy (also a Marvel team unbeknownst to many comic fans, and you'd be surprised) might not work for the Runaways, who have even more character backgrounds to squeeze in. This is why a Netflix series would work greater in their favor than a movie, allowing more time for character development, background information, and a better way to fit in the whole story-line.

What is Runaways? Basically 5 teens and a preteen find out their parents are evil super villains and runaway from home, along the way discovering their own abilities and learning more about their parents past and plans. It's way better than it sounds with many diverse characters and focuses more on the kids and how they deal with the new life they've made or have indirectly made for themselves rather than superhero action (although there is plenty of that).

So, who would I cast in the roles of our favorite comic runaways? I tried to go with a few lesser known actors who weren't exactly BIG well known movie stars, so if you never heard of these people, too bad!

Tyler James Williams as Alex Wilder

He's actually quite the popular choice for Alex among other Runaways fancasters. You my remember when he played the hilarious and unfortunate Chris on CW's Everybody Hates Chris. He has since had smaller roles with Disney. I believe he could pull of the genius intellect of Alex Wilder as well as his secretive traitor side. At 22, going on 23, he's still in a good age-frame to play 16-17 year old Alex.

Ayami Nakajo as Nico Minoru

Never heard of her! Good! She was not exactly my first choice. Do you know how hard it is to find a teenage Asian actresses who can speak English? Miss Nakajo (Full name: Pauline Ayami Nakajo) is 18, Japanese, and speaks English! Can she act? All I know her from is some live-action Fatal Frame film in which she did seem able to pull of a more darker role, which, along with Nico being an emotional and complex character, is needed.

Freya Mavor as Karolina Dean

You may know this 21-year-old Scottish actress from the U.K series 'Skin'. Miss Freya not only has the beauty to pull of our favorite solar alien, but she has great acting ability as well and is a great choice. And to tell you the truth, I honestly wouldn't mind if she kept her Scottish accent for this role.

Mason Dye as Chase Stein

Sorry for bad quality, I couldn't find enough
Sorry for bad quality, I couldn't find enough

I literally stumbled upon this choice just two days ago, and I thought, 'wow, this guy really looks like Chase'. 21 -year-old Mason is known for his role in the updated 'Flowers in the Attic' and as Garrett in MTV's 'Teen Wolf'. Why not have this guy play the seemingly dumb jock accidental genius Chase Stein is?

Abigail Breslin as Gertrude Yorkes

Haha, remembering when Breslin was everybody's choice for Molly? What was that, four years ago? Well, she's 19 and all grown up now, and who better then to cast her as than Ms. Gertrude Yorkes. Although the popular choice for Gert is often Mae Whitman (who, although she continues to play high school characters, is a bit too old in my book), it be interesting to see Breslin pull of the sarcastic edginess that Gert brings to the table. I also suggest a certain Andy Serkis for Old Lace...

Amelia Croft as Molly Hayes

What's that? Who is Amelia Croft? Well, when you look her up, make sure to add "IMDb" to your search of her, or else you'll just pull up a bunch of Tomb Raider stuff. Another unknown young actress who's only stared in one video short, this 10-year-old has got the look and feel of Molly, and even though she has no big acting credits under her belt, I think it's better to have a young unknown actress playing this BMAF little kid than some well known young face who might just end up acting like every Disney Channel actress ever (you know, the new ones). Plus, all the actresses who CAN act and could pull off Molly, are just too old now or too well known. Not to mention that if anything Runaways isn't made until two years from now, she'll still be young enough to play Molly.

So, that's my personal cast. I might do the other members (Victor, Xavin, & Klara) later. Maybe even the Pride. What do you guys think? Agree with my cast, have other choices all together? Let me know in the comments, folks!


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