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YouTubers, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox together known as Smosh, just released their feature film Smosh: The Movie and it's surprisingly doing very well! Who would think that two quirky boys making home videos about pokemon would one day have their own legitimate feature film? As the YouTube community rises in popularity more and more online creators are expected to feature in or create their own movies in 2015.

A slew of Youtubers with extensively large followings (beyond millions for some) are proving to the world that Youtubers can be taken seriously in the entertainment business. It's nothing new, as Youtubers have been in movies as early as 2010 such as the PG comedy, Fred: The Movie (2010), the psycho thriller Smiley (2012) from Totally Sketch's Michael Gallagher, and Shay Carl's in-depth documentary about the world and culture of youtube vlogging, titled Vlogumentary (2013).

However, movies associated with Youtubers usually do not go down too well in Hollywood, receiving poor ratings from online reviewing sites. Nonetheless, as more professionals realize the mass amount of fans that are drawn to projects associated with web-based stars, (indicated by the mass array of books, apps and merchandise released in recent years) I think people are starting to realise the potential of online entertainers. This is leading to a surge of YouTubers shifting from their short videos to feature films.

Recent Youtubers taking on the Bigger Screen

Just last year, Shane Dawson released his comedy flick, Not Cool, AwesomenessTV collaborated with Viner Cameron Dallas to make teen comedy feature film, Expelled. Also, Grace Helbig along with Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart starred in the coming-of-age comedy, Camp Takota.

The films may not be critically successful but have commercially excelled expectations as younger audiences (13 to 24 year old girls mostly) increasingly gravitate toward online stars who are capable of racking up millions of views on YouTube and Vine. YouTuber-associated movies are mostly released on various online platforms to reach their target audiences. instead of theatres and mainstream cinemas.


In 2015, established online creators RoosterTeeth is set to release a full-length feature titled Lazer Team. The film was crowd funded ($2 million) by their fans and promises an action-packed comedic adventure about four unlikely men teaming up to save the world from a space invasion.

Another crowd funded project, Everything Before Us, created by long-time short-film YouTubers Wong fu finally showcased their talents in a quaint romance movie about a world where all your relationships are graded and documented and the higher your grade the better you are in society.

Finally, YouTube stars Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen and Jenn McAllister also have their upcoming digital film, Bad Night, about two high school girls taking on their biggest heist of their lives. The action comedy is set to be released in the summer of 2015.

With the rise of the Youtube community, Hollywood is poised to be taken over by young talents in a way that hasn't been seen before! What do you think about Youtuber in movies?


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