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(PLEASE NOTE: This is an old article re-published. I ended up with two accounts by mistake, they are being made into one. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.)

Guardians of the Galaxy is an outstanding movie and is family fun for the parents who have done the diligence of teaching their children right from wrong. This film reflects on how far movie makers have come when creating more life like special effects. The story flows from start to finish and has a captivating opener.

The ambiance of the influence of the film definitely gives you an 80's sense for those who are familiar with it. Just like any other Marvel film for the most part, you need to stay until after the credits. I have friends who have replicated the walk-man that Starlord uses for cosplay.

The movie takes place in various environments. It is worth seeing the visual in IMAX 3D if you have the extra couple bucks and it is still playing. There is a mining colony they come across that is the severed head of a massive organism that makes humanoid creatures our size seem sub-atomic.

This movie has more than its fair share of comic relief. Most of the dialogue is funny when it comes to joke cracking. It will be interesting to seeing the Guardians team up with the Avengers in the future. This movie introduced the first piece to the 'Infinity Gauntlet', so comic book readers should be in for a treat with more to come in the future.

I see a great deal of franchise merging potential in the future. It is unlikely but for those who are familiar with the Onslaught era of comics, the different phases would make an excellent trilogy...maybe one day after they get past introducing everyone and everything, they will come up with an excuse to throw them all together.

The bottom line is that it is entertaining and worth the money spent on seeing it.

Update: I am looking forward to seeing the sequel recently announced.


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