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There's a lot you can tell by the looks of the new Scorch Trials trailer, the main thing being, this movie is going to be spectacular.

Starring Dylan O'Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Sangster, Kaya Scodelario and Rosa Salazar.

You would think that The Scorch Trials is just another movie in a Young Adult film franchise, but from the looks of it, it is going to be much more than that.

The Scorch Trials movie, the sequel to The Maze Runner, is going to be very different from the book, but in a good way. Director Wes Ball has added new elements that really transcribe the story onto the big screen, as well as original elements from the book that he brings to life in a way that can make this movie stand on it's own as an action film, and not just a book adaptation.

This is great news for film fanatics since the movie isn't just going to have another well adapted screenplay. Since Wes Ball has decided to add parts from all three books to this movie, it's almost like a whole new story all it's own.

It is going to be full of a lot more intense action,

a more complex storyline,

more death (unfortunately)

and death defying scenarios.

Whereas The Maze Runner was restricted mostly to the Maze and the Glade, in The Scorch Trials, there are no restrictions at all.

"The Maze Runner' was about two or three sets. This is about a dozen... We have lots of different really cool locations setting the score. It's just kind of desolated ruin of our modern world ruined by sand. It's a very different set piece. It's going to be fun seeing our cast going through that journey."- Wes Ball

Wes has added one new character to the movie, a character that wasn't in the book, however the addition of this specific character will definitely add more drama to the storyline. Lets just say we might be seeing a family reunion happening in the Scorch.

If you're a movie fanatic who hasn't read the book, then don't worry. As long as you've watched the first movie, The Maze Runner, you're good to go.

You can never tell what might happen next in the Scorch.

"It's entirely unpredictable, you know. Everything in the maze was contained at least."- Dylan O'Brien

Start getting ready now. Cause i guarantee this movie will blow you away. With brilliant directing and such a terrific cast,

how could it not?

The Scorch Trials premieres on September 18th, so until then all we can do is keep asking, is it September yet?!

Check out the Scorch Trials character posters here!,manual


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