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(PLEASE NOTE: This is an old article re-published. I ended up with two accounts by mistake, they are being made into one. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.)

I looked forward to this movie. It was well done and has that traditional sense of doom that comes with fighting against sentinels. I really appreciate how the Death Sentinel of the future is shown and how the history of its development plays a pivotal role in the movie. Coming from the third movie into the fourth, many people are probably wondering how everything ended up working out getting the X-Men to where they are beginning the film. For those concerned about errors in movies, rest assured that by the end of the movie you'll realize that all the old stuff is wiped away as if none of it ever happened.

Movies that deal with time travel and altering time sometimes have a way of turning a lot of people away with all the other ways a story could or should have ended. There are parts of the movie that if you have never read the comics, the dialogue simply will not mean as much to you.

The way that Wolverine is sent back in time with the help of Shadowcat is an excellent way to run the time travel mechanic. I liked that Bishop is the main messenger of delivering the mutants an early sentinel warning but I feel like he could have played a bigger role. I do not think the story did his character any justice.

There were things that I wish were improved upon, but I felt overall that this movie is a step forward. The future environment seemed very isolated. It gives the series a re-boot without the need for a re-make. Was worth seeing in theaters and will be worth owning the movie.

Update: I think it will be interesting to see how the next movie plays out. They have made room for a lot of new changes and cast members.


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