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Matt Cordisco

The premise behind this collection of short films is simple: 26 filmmakers were each given a letter of the alphabet. There were then asked to choose a word that starts with that letter - and then to write a short horror movie tying in to the word they picked. Yes, that is the premise. It sounds more like a brainstorm session than an actual collection of shorts and it plays out just as scattered as such a session as well.

Out of the 26 short films, only a handful or so are really good. My personal favorites were "D Is For Dogfight" and "Q Is For Quack" - both of these shorts took a fun approach to the project and executed an entertaining short with pretty cool style. There were a few other good ones though the majority of this collection was less concerned with being "horror" as it was with being over-the-top madness.

In a nutshell, I gave this movie a 5/10. It is worth watching if you are a fan of horror and like to see diverse filmmakers get creative; though with the exception of the few really good ones, this movie doesn't offer much in terms of replay value.

ABCs Of Death is streaming on Netflix now, as is the sequel ABCs Of Death 2.


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