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As old as Arnold is getting these days, he proves he can still be in good movies. This is not your traditional zombie flick and it carries a great deal of sentimental meaning. Much like how Romero ended "Night of the Living Dead", you will be left thinking about a couple of things.

The movie takes place in a world that has been affected by a virus-like contagion that is blood-borne. Unlike many other zombie movies, the society affected has some control over the outbreak that has taken hold. Once someone is bit, they have a few weeks before turning into a zombie. This provides the government a response process that is regulated by medical professionals.

Maggie experiences life going through this physically and mentally taxing transition. Her father remains a man of his word and looks out for her even though it might end up killing him. This can be a difficult movie to watch if you get attached to characters easily.

I like how this movie focuses on the individual challenges one would face as it highlights how civilization would maintain itself. There are set backs but people have managed to overcome, for some part of life anyway. Amid all the hope people have, doubt weighs heavy in almost everyone's hearts.

I am not an easy person to make cry; however, I must admit parts of this movie brought me to tears.

This movie also does an amazing job of going into certain gray areas around morality, on both an individual and systematic level. There are graphic parts in the movie; however, it is more about dialogue. Those who consider themselves traditional zombie movie lovers, may find this flick disappointing from a lack of action. I do appreciate that about this movie though. For those who manage survive the horrors that come from living in a world like that, memories and experiences will forever remain haunting.

I give this movie two thumbs up. I am a little surprised that it is one of the first zombie movies of it's kind, considering where zombie flicks began.


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