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Pixels has now hit theaters. While the film was not amazing or laugh out loud hilarious, it was still an entertaining film. Yet whatever people may think of the movie, it cannot be denied that the film did have a interesting premise. The idea of aliens using video games to attack the world is not something you see in your everyday movie. This concept has got me thinking: what if other video games were used in the Pixels' invasion? Would Earth stood a chance? I suppose it depends on which games the aliens would use. In this scenario though lets take the gloves off and bring video games from all decades into the mix. I am sure there a more games to choose from, but here are some games humanity may not want to face in a alien invasion like Pixels.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is easily one of most iconic, and violent, fighting games that has hit consoles. With over ten games to its name, Mortal Kombat continues to entertain gamers everywhere. So if aliens were to use the fighters of Mortal Kombat as a means to invade Earth, we may be in trouble. In the case of Pixels, the arcaders would have to face characters like Scorpion, Sub Zero and Raiden in single fights; and they better hope that they win. Unlike Street Fighter, the characters of Mortal Kombat will not just beat opponents, but they will kill enemies in the most brutal of fashions. If aliens were to use Mortal Kombat as a means to invade the Earth, then humanity better recruit the best fighters that they can find.

Mega Man

If you like me and enjoy platformers, then odds are you probably know Mega Man. With its various titles, Mega Man has had gamers run through stages and blast enemies who get in your way. Mega Man would certainly make for an interesting scenario in a alien invasion. It would be mean that challengers would have to go through a stage filled with mechanical enemies, large gaps and a robo master for gamers to face at the end. Then again, perhaps the aliens use Mega Man in the way they used Pac Man where the earthling have to fight the character. That would be no walk in the park for the arcaders: especially if Mega Man has his power ups. No matter which way you look at it, I do not think Earth wants to come across this video game icon in a alien invasion; and they certainly do not want to come up against Mega Man's later incarnations.


While the likes of Halo have revolutionize the first person shooter genre, no doubt the game series that pioneered this game type is Doom. With its demonic enemies and its crazy weapons, Doom has certainly made a name for itself with its series of titles. This is a game series that I would not want to see used in a Pixel scenario. The arcaders would be up against hordes of demons and they would most likely thrown into an area that works to the game's horrific atmosphere. Fortunately the challengers could use weapons like the BFG to get through the challenge. Then again that gun will only have so many shots to it, so the heroes will have to make every shot count. If the Pixels aliens were to use Doom in their invasion, then Earth would be in trouble-in more ways then one.

Angry Birds

Unless you have been leaving under a rock then you have, at least, heard about Angry Birds. The game has become such a phenomenon that it has branched into other mediums such as film (I am still unclear how that works). So what happens if Angry Birds were to be used in a scheme by aliens. Let me put it this way: Aliens invade Earth and the planet's only means of survival is launching birds at the pigs. Is there really anything else that needs to be said?

Super Smash Bros.

If there is one game that has been a game changer for Nintendo it would be Super Smash Bros. The game series brings some of Nintendo's most cherished titles like Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda and pits the title characters in all out brawls. The series continues to expand as other game titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, and now Street Fighter, have also entered the fray. So imagine if the arcaders had to go up against the likes of Mario, Link and Sonic in order save the world. To say the least: It would not be easy. What could work in the arcaders' favor would be the items that drop during each battle, or if the challenge is a free for all. However the gamers would still have to fight an assortment of characters; each of them having their own special abilities and traits. All I can really say is thank goodness the aliens of Pixels did not discover Nintendo's later games.

These are just some games that would make it a challenge to fight off an alien force. I am sure that there are number of games out there that Earth would not want to come up against in a scenario like Pixels. However it is safe to say that if aliens were to use the five games mentioned above, then the Earth may not stand chance. Fortunately the world is filled with gamers who have masters the art of gaming. So if the Pixels aliens were to use video games as a means of attack, I am sure there are gamers out there who could rise to the occasion.

What video games would like to see in a Pixels scenario? Give your own list down in the comments section.

Pixels is now playing in theaters. Check out my review to the comedy here.


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