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The Batman: Arkham games are beautiful gems in gaming but they have come to an end with this years release of Batman: Arkham Knight. However the ARKHAM series has come to an end, nobody said anything about the universe being over.

For the past two days I have been thinking of certain story that I feel like could make a game just as good as the Batman games: the story of Nightwing AKA Dick Grayson. This idea got me brainstorming and so I created a story but I couldn't do it by myself so I made a page for people to support this idea and try to get the attention of WB and/or Rocksteady.

Perhaps you want to know about the story:

Bludhaven, a city darker than its brother city of Gotham. Crime and corruption control this city with an iron fist. It's time for something or someone to make a difference.
Richard "Dick" Grayson, age twenty, has recently moved into Bludhaven after a falling out with his guardian: Bruce Wayne. Grayson was known for being the ward of Batman known as the Robin but tensions between the two rose over the years. Finally, Dick had enough so he dropped the red and green suit and moved away from his hometown. After spending two weeks in Bludhaven, Dick had seen enough crime go unpunished so that night he dressed up in a black and blue hoodie, goggles, and gloves and set out into Bludhaven.
Grayson begins by stopping a few muggings and robberies but soon he learns of something bigger happening in Bludhaven and all clues point to one crime boss: Roman Sionis, the Black Mask (No, it's not somebody in disguise this time.) Through the course of three nights, Nightwing must stop Black Mask's plan or hundreds- No! Thousands of people could die. With the help of his own stand-in oracle: Victor Stone AKA Cyborg, Dick slowly evolves into a new protector of Bludhaven and becomes the Dark Bird of Gotham known as Nightwing.
While Black Mask may be the big fish for Nightwing to fry, there are other "special" criminals that decided to come out such as the Dollmaker, the Great White Shark, Saiko, Sportsmaster, Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke, and much more.

This idea has already gotten the attention of so many supporters. We're already over 600 supporters and many are telling me that they love my idea for this game. This makes me so happy and I hope I don't let anybody down. With the hashtag: we will try our best to make this game a reality. If you're interested at all, follow that link and join the community of Blüd Brothers & Sisters.


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