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A lot of us can get tired of waiting for a new movie or television season to come out. Or maybe, we were disappointed by the last episode or film in the series. It's a good thing that we have fan-films to get us by in the end. Here are some awesome ones to check out!

Spider-Man: Eclipse

I didn't expect much from this fan-film because not many people were putting up good Spidey fan-films on YouTube. But, I fell in love with it! It wasn't just the fact that they brought Spider-Man to life, it was the fact that there was originality.

  • The Spidey costume looks like a teenager made it, instead of the big budget costumes they always use in the movies.
  • The guy who played Spidey could actually kick major ass instead of using a boring scene from the movie, or a fake looking action sequence.

This is without a doubt one of the best Spider-Man fan-films on YouTube, and there's not gonna be another like it!

Dirty Laundry

Thomas Jane as Frank Castle/The Punisher
Thomas Jane as Frank Castle/The Punisher

I've always been a big fan of Thomas Jane as The Punisher. Nobody expected Thomas Jane to return, especially for a fan-film! This one shows us a darker side of The Punisher, one we've been waiting to see for a very long time.

Fallout: Nuka Break-Red Star

Watching this fan-film feels like the Fallout video games have come to life. From the tiniest reference, to the biggest details. Nuka Cola bottles, caps, super mutants, slaves and a desert wasteland. It's all there. This is one truly amazing fan-film that you wouldn't want to pass up any day.


Do any of these fan-films catch your eye?


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