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This is my crowdfunding contest entry. It's about a movie I'd like to have made, i'm working on the script now.

I am a huge fan of Superhero movies, and throughout the years they've been getting better. The one thing I've always felt like they lacked is a true emotional connection. Sure, they tug on your heartstrings and draw you in to the action with the tragedy. What about a full on drama tragedy story about a man without powers, but still manages to make a difference is a superhero like way.

The story's main character is named, Max Decker. Max's father left him when he was 7. He grew up very close to his mother but they barely got by. Constantly living paycheck to paycheck. He was a very intelligent kid, but his one true love was always electric and energy. He grew up always fixing power outages for the home and neighborhood. He adapted a nickname, Voltage.

It was time for "Voltage" to go to college. He knew he had to study hard and do well so that he could repay his mother for all she did for him. The only thing he was really good at however was working with electricity. So he decided to major in electrical engineering. He made a very intelligent friend named Timothy Ball who majors in Software Engineering, he practically knows everything there is to know about anything software-related, he also happens to be an amazing hacker.

After college, Max and Timothy have trouble landing jobs in their field and they both reach the end of their rope. They decide they have to do something very rash to make ends meet. So they decide to start robbing. It started off very small, with typical robberies at mom and pop business stores with Timothy handling all the behind-the-scenes things and Max doing the actual robbing. Once they started to get really good they took on higher things, like banks.

One day while trying to get away from 3 police officers, Max runs down an alley before the police can get to him he quickly fashions an electrical bomb which renders the cop's guns useless. In order for Max to take advantage of the situation he sees a large puddle of water right underneath the cop's feet, he takes a loose wire out of the back of a large air conditioner and throws it at the puddle hoping to just lightly shock the cops enough for him to get away. In the heat of the moment he doesn't realize the wattage of the wire exceeds most people's pain tolerance for electrical shock and this kills all 3 police officers. He manages to escape, but is traumatized by the experience. Little to Max's knowledge there is a huge crime ring in the city, and they aren't at all pleased, they seek out his mother and kill her. This obviously pisses Max off, so he fashions together an electrical gauntlet and a suit that conducts electricity, and takes the fight to the crime ring. It doesn't have large focus on this actual fight scenes as much as it does the emotional wear he recieves from them. Although there are fight scenes they are short and sweet. He is constantly making upgrades to his suit to make it better. This movie leads up to a large plot twist that changes the outlook of everything.

This is the movie I want to make, I hope you guys enjoyed reading! In order to make this dream idea of mine into a movie, I would need to pay for actors, a large set, an effects supervisor, among many other elements of the movie. I would need to raise approximately 350,000-550,000 dollars to make this the perfect movie that I visualize.

Do you think this movie would work?

Would you fund it?

Let me know down below!


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