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Sagar Sarma

Harry Potter and Game of thrones are both beloved franchises but did you know they have more in common than just passionate fans?

Here are three actors, who appearedin both franchises:

1. David Bradley(Argus Filch / Walder Frey)

Both the iconic characters were played by David Bradley. Both the characters had some common straits like they both are sadistic and would love to hurt others, both of them are grumpy and also short tempered. Filch had love for his cat, where Falder Frey had love for his daughters. Both wanted to harm those who have tried to hurt their loved ones in their cold way.

2. Natalia Tena(Nymphadora Tonks/ Osha)

Natalia Tena was perfectly suited for both the roles. Both were given the task of safe-guarding and they both are pretty kick-ass fighters. while Tonks was entrusted with safety of Harry, Osha ensured the safety of Rickon.

3. Michelle Fairley(Mrs. Granger/ Catelyn Stark)

Michelle Fairley gave life to both of the characters. Though her screen time as Mrs. Granger was a short lived cameo, she absolutely stole our hearts as Catelyn Stark.

Mind Blowing right? Even I didn't believe it in the first place, but again the proof is right before your eyes.


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