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Jeri Ryan has become something of a geek icon thanks to her classic role as 7 of 9 in Star Trek: Voyager, and now it seems she will continue that legacy in episode two of Arrow's fifth season this October. In a guest starring role, Ryan will play a politician named Jessica Danforth, according to Access Hollywood.

A friend of the Queen family, Jessica Danforth finds herself "in the crosshairs of a menacing antagonist," thanks to her political ambition.

Outside of Voyager, Ryan is best known for her roles in Body of Proof, Leverage, and Shark, to name a few. Ryan joins a long list of geek icon guest stars in The CW's new crop of superhero shows, including Daryl Quon, John Wesley Shipp, Michael Jai White, and Mark Hamill. While the role hasn't yet been announced as a recurring appearance, fans can start speculating on when we'll see Danforth again if she survives the episode -- after all, Mark Guggenheim is penning the episode with Keto Shimizu, and Guggenheim is known for being able to tightly craft ongoing stories together over a long period of time on the show.

It seems as though Ryan's character is going to be at the very center of an epic battle, and it's not too out of the question to wonder if we'll see the former TV action star kicking some but as well. Will Oliver Queen and Team Arrow arrive in time to help? Fans will have to find out on October 14th, when the episode airs on The CW.


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