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Scott Snyder and Greg Cappullo have made some classic Batman stories. Endgame is one of those classic stories. Some might say that Endgame is the best story to date. Even surpassing other classics like The Killing Joke or Year One.

Endgame is seen as the final chapter of the Joker trilogy. Starting from Zero Year and followed by Death of the Family. In Death of the Family the Joker found meaning for his and Batmans relationship. Endgame portrays what the Joker has perceived as a betrayal in his and Batmans relationship. As Scott Snyder stated.

"So this is really sort of the Joker saying, 'I once found meaning in our relationship and your relationship to your rogues. Now I think you've betrayed that, and it's time for me to just burn everything down.' So I guess that's where I'm coming from with this."

And that is exactly what the Joker does. He pushes Batmans resolve to its limit. Simaler to what James Moriarty does to Sherlock Holmes. What Snyder has done with the Joker is to make him even more sinister. When you read the previous stories of the Joker you always felt that he never kill the Batman due to their "Connection". But Endgame changed that. The Joker was just psychotic beyond reasoning. That said, he is just as clever....which makes him more terrifying.

Joker returns in Endgame.

Endgame starts with a huge confrontation. It starts with Wonder Woman, Aqua Man,Flash and Superman attacking Batman. After Batman asks who is behind this...then Superman starts to grin..

Batman in his "Fenrir" robotic suit to battle the Justice League.
Batman v Aquaman.
Superman being controlled by Joker.

This was a great battle to say the least. Batman himself is seen by some as an unequal to other members of the Justice League. This battle really defined him as an equal.

Another key factor in the story is when the Joker finds out who Batman really is.

Joker knows Batmans identity.

For me this was a chilling moment in the story. After decades of mystery between the two characters, finally one of them is revealed. Snyder has been brilliant in the way he wrote this. The two words that Batman dreaded "Hello Bruce" will always stay with me. In dealing with the Joker Batman needs assistance from unlikely sources.

Gothams villians. This part of the story was also very definitive due to the fact they realise how crazy the Joker had become.

Just like when the Joker enters the Batcave. Since the Joker knows Batmans identity he might aswell go all the way. In doing so, he chops off Alfreds hand. This is another sinister trait that Snyder has given the Joker. As I said before, this Joker is without mercy or empathy.

Joker cuts off Alfreds hand.
After Joker enters the Batcave. He takes the precious memorabilia and parades them in a "Joker infected Gotham".

As I said we have never been here before ever! Having Batmans tokens and being paraded is making him look very vulnerable indeed.

Finally the conclusion. The last ever fight between Batman and The Joker. This was a great ending to a great story. The Joker made Batman think he was Immortal but in the end he was not. Joker used a pool of Dionesum which regenerates wounds. This was a bloody brutal fight. Batman using his training and Joker using his cunning.

Joker and Batmans last battle.

Endgame had everything. It had a fantastic story that was so dark it could of been classed as a horror. Introducing the Justice League at the start was a great move because let's be honest, we love to see the Justice League. Snyder did not disappoint with their inclusion at all. He made sure that Batman was equipped for such a task.

The Joker was always one step ahead of Batman for most of the part. Since this was the final story it was fitting that Batmans identity would be revealed to the Joker. However, it does feel as though there is still some elements of mystery between the two even though its meant to be the end. Snyder did brilliantly in keeping the suspense going. I loved the way that it looked like Joker was unbeatable but of course, Batman was smarter.

It was a a brilliant story that had a fitting end. Having both Batman and The Joker dying in a pool of blood seems gory but it actually tells the whole story. The story started with these two and ended with them.

Batman and Joker lying in a heart shaped pool of blood.

Endgame was peerless. Just like Bruces letter....


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