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Have you ever had that weird feeling in your stomach? Not the one that lets you know your hungry, or the one that lets you know you ate too much. it's a strange feeling in your gut that only comes whenever you think about something from the past.

It doesn't hurt physically, but sometimes it seriously hurts emotionally to think about something from your childhood—especially when you realize that you'll never see it again! Yeah, if it's a show there are reruns, and if it's a comic or toy there are stores where you can probably find them.

But some memories just can't be replicated. Like the first time you watched the show that would become your favorite thing to watch every day after school. Or the first time you picked up that comic book, or got that toy for Christmas. You suddenly get a terrible feeling, a gut-wrenching awful feeling—it finally sinks in that those moments are now nothing but memories. This bittersweet feeling is called "nostalgia".

Synonyms: Pain, Hurt, WHHYYYY?!!!
Synonyms: Pain, Hurt, WHHYYYY?!!!

We all experience nostalgia in one way or another. If you were born in the 90's, half of your memories are nostalgia-fueled. We all want to go back to the times where things were awesome! When our favorite shows were still making new episodes, when our favorite items were still in stores, and when our favorite artists were on tour!

These days, we can sort of do that, thanks to the internet. But watching a video of N'sync performing live in their prime through a shaky video on YouTube just isn't the same (just to be clear, I was really more of a Backstreet Boy's dude).

If only there were some way to access those memories, on a more immersive scale. If there were just some way to take a look back at our childhood—to see our favorite things for the first time, again! Unfortunately, time travel isn't a thing. And honestly, if we've learned anything from every time travel movie where things go wrong (so, every one), we probably don't want it to be.

So I guess our memories will stay memories huh? Well, maybe not! What if there was a way we could access our nostalgic memories, and see them? Like, actually see them, and possibly even interact with them? They wouldn't be confined to our brains, stuffed in there with the rest of our thoughts. They could be free, able to grow as we witness them in all their nostalgic glory! How would that work? Well, I have a weird idea.

Introducing: Memory.Ln!

[Note: Things are about to get SUPER nostalgic! So to get you in the right mood, please listen to this awesome nostalgia-fueled theme here!]

What is Memory.Ln you ask? Well, it's anything you want it to be! Memory.Ln is my idea for a virtual reality world that you can make entirely your own. No, I don't mean like Minecraft, Lego Worlds or The Sims. To put it simply, Memory.Ln is your world away from home—the perfect nostalgia getaway!

Imagine if you could go back to your fifth birthday party, and re-experience the time you...I don't know, jumped on a trampoline for the first time? I wasn't at your fifth birthday, nor do I know the nostalgic effect it might have had on you. But if it did have one, imagine being able to go back and relive it!

Like I said, time travel is pretty much an impossibility, and watching your old home movies may be a great way to look back at those memories, but all that does is give you an even larger case of the nostalgic vibes. So what do you do? You use Memory.Ln!

Memory.Ln would allow you to take those special childhood memories and basically put them around you. Why just think about that memory, when you can watch it take place all around you? I can sense that you're a bit confused, so allow me to elaborate.

At first glance, the gif above looks like some short clip of Tony Stark fiddling with his futuristic technology. But this isn't a promo for Iron Man 4. That is the Microsoft Hololens, and it's our ticket to the ultimate virtual reality experience!

All those scenes in films and TV shows, where the really smart person is moving holographic images side to side with his hand to find some piece of evidence (looking at you Fitz-Simmons), those are all now totally possible! Yes, now you can pretend to know what you're doing with the Microsoft Hololens!

Essentially, the Hololens is just another VR headset, which is a product we're going to be getting in large quantity from about five different developers really soon. But what makes the Hololens different, is that it doesn't just put you in a VR world with a first person view. It merges the world of virtual reality with your own!

The image above is a fine example of the mumbo-jumbo that I'm talking about. The guy in the image turns his normal, drab living room, into a man-cave—complete with Xbox Live, the weather report and a game of football (or soccer, as we Muricans call it)! The Hololens can be used for all sorts of fun activities. From watching the game, to playing the game!

Honey! How long have we had this in our walls?
Honey! How long have we had this in our walls?

Anyway, back to Memory.Ln.

Memory.Ln would use the technology of the Hololens to bridge the gap between you and your precious childhood memories! As an example, here's a rundown of some of the cool features that M.Ln would have. First, there's View Mode.

In View Mode, you'd be able to see all of your crazy awesome childhood memories playback like recordings. You could view them however way you want. You could watch them on a holographic TV screen, or have the entire memory play around you, with you smack dab in the middle. You'd be able to walk around in the memory, and view it from different angles. Of course, since it's a holographic projection of a memory, you wouldn't be able to touch anything.

But still, imagine how fun and immersive it would be to view your memories this way. Personally, I'd view them on a small scale, so it looks like there are just tiny versions of me and people I know on my coffee table or something. Kind of like that scene from Adventure Time.


A really fun thing to do would be to make some sort of memory collage in your home. Imagine having a different memory in every room, all of them sharing some sort of theme. You could have a theme like "My greatest childhood moments" or "All the times I've eaten cake", or any other weird theme you come up with!

Then, you could just explore your theme house, cherishing a new memory each time you entered another room. If the memory isn't too embarrassing, you could even invite friends and family over to check it out!

It would work with your favorite shows and movies too. Maybe there's a cool show you watched as a kid, and you want to watch it again. Why watch it on a TV like everyone else, when you could use Memory.Ln to be right in the middle of the show as it plays? Again, you wouldn't be able to talk to the characters, or tamper with any scenes, but you would have a front row seat to that awesome 10 episode long Dragon Ball Z fight!

So that's View Mode. Pretty cool right? But now that you've re-witnessed all of those lovely memories on a virtual scale, you find yourself wanting more. You don't want to just watch the memories, you want to be a part of them! You want to blow out those fifth birthday candles, you want to talk to your favorite childhood show character, you want to participate in that epic DBZ fight!

That's where Dream Mode comes in to play. Dream Mode, or Interact Mode, or Play Mode (haven't decided yet) is a feature of Memory.Ln that would allow your memories to be more than just fancy home videos. Remember those cool dreams you had as a kid? Wouldn't it be cool to not only play them out, but interact with them? I remember this crazy dream where I was in a forest, being hunted by super smart dinosaurs. Luckily, with the help of a giant monkey, I escaped. I may or may not have watched Jurassic Park and King Kong the night before...

As terrifying as that dream was, it would be pretty cool to project it via Memory.Ln, and create an awesome dinosaur chase game! The A.I. in Memory.Ln would take the form of the dinosaurs, who would proceed to chase me down—while I'd have to use my smarts and survival skills (don't have a lot of that second one) to escape. There'd be no real danger, since it's only an interactive memory.

Dream Mode can even be used to personally interact with your favorite childhood characters. Want to solve a mystery with Scooby Doo? You've got it! All you have to do is think it up. It doesn't have to be a dream or memory you had long ago, it could be a new one you just thought up on the fly for your nostalgic enjoyment!

I would use it to create the crossover scenarios of my dreams. Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood, I watched the show, collected the cards and played the games. Adventure Time sort of came out right when my childhood was maturing, so it's not as much of a nostalgic trip for me. But merging these two vibrant and colorful worlds together, and then going on an awesome Pokemon collecting, sword-fighting, adventuring adventure would be epic!

You could make your own incredible nostalgic dream world with Memory.Ln. And what of the limits? There would be none! The only limit would be your imagination!

Like I said, we all get nostalgic. We all want to go back to those awesome times in our lives, those defining moments that made us who we are! But unless you're a doctor with the surname of Who or Brown, that's kind of impossible.

But with Memory.Ln, we'd be a little closer to reliving our wildest moments! Plus, it'd make things a whole lot easier than literally going back to those times. After all, it was awesome being 9, but I wouldn't want to de-age myself at all.

The world we live in today has its moments, ones we wouldn't want to give up. But with Memory.Ln, at least we'd be able to experience those past moments, so that we can cherish these ones even more. *inspirational music plays*

Also, I apologize. Because by now, you've probably started to get that horrible feeling, the one that comes with realizing that Memory.Ln is not a real thing. But who knows, with the growing rise in popularity of crowdfunding projects, and the advancements we've made in technology, perhaps it one day could be.

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